Tuesday, November 11, 2014

MacGregor’s Wolf: Lessons of Time

MacGregor’s Wolf: Lessons of Time, by Bil Howard, takes the reader on a journey of self examination using deeply profound elements of the Sioux religion in a subtle way that allows the reader to discover their own meaning and purpose. 

MacGregor’s Wolf: Lessons of Time plunges into history in order to make sense of one man’s purpose. Traveling through time, Ray Barrett is transported into the bodies of various individuals that are involved in the events of history. He is a Sioux warrior, the groom of King Richard in the Crusades, an important speaker in the senate in Athens, a fighter pilot in the Six Days War and more. At one point, Ray is even transported into the body of a wolf in the Highlands of Scotland. If you're not necessarily into time travel, you need to understand that time travel is not the central theme of what is taking place within the book, but a tool used to allow the plot to flow.

The novel is one of self examination that is brought to light within the events that take place and Ray’s role as a player in those events. Bil Howard blends elements of the religious beliefs of the Sioux with elements of Celtic mythology using the wolf and sidhe, Angus MacGregor, as spiritual guides throughout the journey.

The intensity of the action is lightened by occasional, light banter between Ray and his spirit guide and allows the reader to participate in their favorite periods of history as well. The reader’s imagination is allowed to wander along with Ray, exploring their own thoughts, feelings and purposes.

The book would remain incomplete if it did not also include a taste of romance. The dark eyes and soft lips of Alexia, MacGregor’s assistant, are an ever-present haunt for the hero as he navigates through each new experience. Ray desires the impossible where it comes to love and the presence of this particular element in the story provides the balance and part of the solution to his struggle.

available in print and e-book,  236 pages


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