Saturday, January 17, 2015

BOOK OF THE WEEK: Hind Cartwheel by Lawrence Winkler



Hind Cartwheel" by Lawrence Winkler  #3 in his World-Travel series

This book series get straight 5-star reviews on Amazon.  I call it a Must-Read for everyone who is interested in travel adventures in Asia.  Not only for armchair travellers also for citizens of the world, people that are interested in other cultures.

"Lawrence Winkler has done us all a favour by penning his travelling experiences. His prose is rich in the kind of detail that appeals to all the senses so that the reader has the feeling they are travelling with him. Full of well-researched and fascinating facts about the places, people, and cultures he encountered, and sometimes barely escaped!"

"Winkler has you feeling proud to be a member of a race so benevolent and quirky, and then has you cringing when the shadow side of humanity shows itself. I am already jonesing for the next instalment to this thoroughly memorable adventure."    

"Bill Bryson watch out - here comes Lawrence Winkler!"



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