Thursday, April 2, 2015

How to Get More Traffic for Your Blog / Website


One of the Answers:  Blog directories!
If you are trying to gain exposure to your blog or website:  A blog directory will help you link your site to other websites, and it also organizes your website by categorizing those links. Gaining exposure for your blog is critical to building a following and revenue.  After creating compelling articles, catchy titles, enticing descriptions and great link strategies, it’s time to list your blog in several directories.
How is a Blog Directory Different to a  Search Engine? 
A directory will not display any lists of web pages based on keywords, like most search engines do.  A directory will list websites by both a category and a subcategory.  Unlike a search engine, it is categorized not by one page or keywords, but rather by the content which is contained on the entire website.
Human-edited directories are considered to be more reputable, possibly your website which has been submitted to a human-edited directory will have a higher ranking than a website which has been submitted to a non-human edited directory.  Before you sign up, get a very rough estimate of a site’s traffic by checking their Alexa rank - national and international (the lower the number, the better).
. The following listings are a glimpse inside the large and vast world of blog directories and the valuable inbound links that you can build for your blog and your business:

Find more blog directories at this article at SearchEngineJournal:



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