Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Do you own a Small Publishing Business?

If you are a small business person, not only in publishing, but also in other fields - from trades, retail, media, to all the consulting businesses, such as lawyers, architects or accountants - and do not have a blog, LinkedIn offers a sensational platform that can be used for free. 

If you DO have a blog, you have the opportunity to connect your LinkedIn platform with your existing blog to drive new traffic and attention to your platform!  Posts on LinkedIn which you publish will appear as part of your professional profile

More and more Social Media sites open publishing platforms to all its members.  Every member has these publishing privileges.  Posts you publish will appear as part of your professional profile. From there they can be shared with your immediate networks.

As one writer said:  “Just another thing to keep traditional media awake at night.”
What about you?  Are you going to publish/duplicate your blog on LinkedIn? 

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