Friday, September 30, 2016

Publishing Consultation via Phone or Skype

It’s a budget-friendly way (only $79) to get started with your publishing process, building your platform and marketing your book(s).  Consider discussing your book with an experienced (30+ years) publishing and book marketing professional, in a personalized conversation.

This package includes a meeting of up to 3 hours – or two meetings of 1,5 hours via phone in North America or Skype (worldwide).  And if 3 consultation sessions, each an hour, is more convenient for you, that’s fine too.

Great Benefit for Your Publishing Ambitions, if :

  • You are you thinking about publishing your own book?
  • Do you have a book you think will sell but don’t know how to market it?
  • Do you want to start seriously publishing in POD (Print-on-Demand)?
  • Do you want to learn all the in-and-outs of navigating Social Media?
  • Do you want to avoid costly mistakes and time-consuming “trial and errors”?
  • Do you want to do it right from the beginning, publishing in a professional way?

How it Works:
As better you are prepared as more you will get out of our “meeting”.  Write down all your questions you might have in regards of publishing and book marketing.  Prior to our conversation, you’ll fill out a comprehensive questionnaire, designed to familiarize us with your opportunities and audience.  We will buy and read your e-book or go through parts of your manuscript if it is a print book only and study / evaluate the questionnaire, once it is filled out and returned to us.
After the consultation session you will get an analysis of your book and/or your publishing concept.

Practical, Results-Driven Steps.
Your consultation will focus on your most effective strategies for your book marketing and will help you prioritize practical, results-driven steps to best promote you and your book.  If you haven’t published before we will help you to become familiar with all the possibilities available and their pro’s and con’s, so that you can make an informed decision and avoid the many traps that are out there.

Topics We Will Discuss:
We will provide a comprehensive introduction to book marketing as well as more targeted feedback on specific concerns and questions, including but not limited to:

  • Evaluating your cover art, cover copy, author bio, and pricing strategy
  • Ensuring that your book looks professional, not self-published
  • Having your book in print, e-book and audio format
  • Building your platform and author brand
  • Social media opportunities such as Google+, Goodreads, Twitter, FB, Pinterest etc.)
  • Working with a traditional publisher or POD
  • Where to get an ISBN, find editors, e-book formatters, lay-outers, cover artists
  • Selling through Amazon and other online retailers
  • How to get book reviews – before and after your book launch
  • Book Distribution and direct book sales
  • Public Relation and media campaigns
  • Possibilities of translations or foreign right sales
  • Getting bookstores and libraries to carry your book – worldwide
  • How to avoid traps at “self publishing” and “vanity publishers”

After your consultation, we will send you a follow-up guide with hundreds of tips and links that will help you with your future publishing and book marketing activities. This way you don’t have to get distracted by taking notes while we are talking, and you will always have a “blueprint” for future book publishing.

Our publishing and book marketing consultation and coaching is appropriate for and can be tailored to writers who are going the traditionally or the self-publishing route.

A very affordable fee of only ***US $79*** allows every author to get professional advice and help.  Order secure and conveniently via PayPal.


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