Saturday, February 3, 2018

New Features at Kindle Direct Publishing

In December, we used for the first time Kindle Direct Publishing to “POD” (Print-on-Demand) the paperback version of Traumberuf Pilot? - which is a handbook for Airline Pilots in the German language.  Quite a bit a mixed experience - as we worked with “real” printers in the past, and recently let our former print distributor eBookPartnership deal with CreateSpace.   Amazon’s Updates to Paperback Features New features to KDP’s paperback self-publishing option - they are now out of the Beta version:
  • Publishers and authors can now order printed proofs from KDP.
  • Author copies from KDP are a greatly appreciated step too. Books can be stocked in local bookstores and libraries or used as advance review copies, press release packages, paperback giveaways, and for book signings or to sell at readings and workshops.
  • KDP introduced their author copies and proofs - printed and shipped from Europe which will please British and European authors.
Author Chris Mullen wrote: “It looks increasingly as if KDP will eventually become CreateSpace’s equal sister company.  Perhaps the two companies will be soon consolidated, or perhaps all the CreateSpace titles will migrate to KDP."  He wrote a quite detailed comparison between the POD offers of CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing.

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