Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Draft2Digital Distributes Print Books

Draft2Digital is thrilled to announce D2D Print! Authors can be wait-listed for the D2D Print Beta!  D2D will email you when they are ready for you to join

Draft2Digital explains:
“Right now we are beta testing our new print on demand (POD) service, finding and eliminating any bugs and technical challenges, and making this a resource that will help you expand your author business in an exciting way!

Unlike some POD services, D2D Print will have no upgrade fees, no recurring fees, and delivers low-cost author copies.

We’ll also offer some pretty amazing features, including:

  • Cover Converter—If you need a print-ready version of your eBook cover, we’ll generate one for you automatically!
  • Cover Templates—If you want to supply your own existing print cover, you can use our free cover templates to ensure it is the perfect size and dimensions
  • A variety of trim sizes—All of the POD industry-standard trim sizes are here
  • Widow & Orphan Control—If you use our auto-generated interior we can help keep the weird line breaks and pesky widowed and orphaned text to a minimum
  • All the choices you’re used to—Matte or glossy finish for your cover, cream or white paper for your interior, a free ISBN from D2D or bring your own—we have you covered!
  • Brick & Mortar Distribution—Physical bookstores will be able to order copies of your books, to place on their shelves. 
The beta test for this service is in full swing, and though we can’t immediately add everyone we do have a waiting list you can join!  If you would like to be considered for addition to the beta, please click the button!”



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