Monday, February 4, 2019

111 Tips to Create Impressive Videos

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"Author Doris-Maria Heilmann has extensive experience as a magazine and book publisher. She has become a much sought after teacher and lecturer in all aspects of publishing and marketing and hence this excellent survey of the creation and use of videos.
The areas covered in this accessible, easy to follow guide include video trends, video composition, checklists for video shoots, production tutorials, all about editing, SEO (Search Engine Organization) and keyword planning, business and marketing videos, creating professional learning videos, video launch, uploading – and making more money, how to market your video, video equipment, video creation software, production costs, free and royalty free music, and free and royalty free images. And with each of these categories, the author provides excellent Tips to enhance learning and absorption of the offered information – a total of 111 very valuable and wise tips!
Definitely a reference book for learning all about the use of creating videos – whether for personal use, educational use, or for enhancing marketing for businesses."
Grady Harp March 2019

About the Book:
Dreaming of becoming a YouTube star? Looking for new and creative ways to drive traffic to your business and your social media accounts? Then this is the book for you!
Your audience needs to be intrigued, inspired and informed by an outstanding viewing experience.  Walt Disney once said: "I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained."

Find more than 111 tips on how to create professional videos that enchant your viewers, and how and where to market them for maximum success.

Rather than focusing too much on equipment, the focus of this book is on the art of creating videos that viewers want to watch over and over.

No matter if you produce leisurely or educational videos, marketing or business communication videos, or movie and book trailers: you will not only find hundreds of free music and image links but also lots of valuable ideas and suggestions how to create your next video like a pro.

111 Tips to Create Impressive Videos: 
How to Plan, Create, Upload and Market Videos 

Print Book Edition ISBN: 978-1-988664-24-8
Electronic Book Edition ISBN: 978-1-988664-23-1



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