Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Dogs Are Happy During the Corona Crisis

I lost my beloved Bentley eight months ago. During this health crisis, I see so many people walking their dogs at all times of the day. And I must admit that I am rather envious… What a great time for them to have a companion and to be outside for an extended time!

Dogs must be happy right now that they have so much company.  They are the one member in a household who is enjoying self-isolation.  They love to have their pack (the family) together. They are now treated to our nonstop physical presence.  However, dogs like their routine.  Take them for walks at the same time every day, feed them on a normal schedule, give them regular bouts of attention.  They will learn the routine.  The more the owner is consistent, the more quickly the pup can adapt.  And it’s good for you too!

Pet adoptions are way up amid coronavirus crisis, even with shelters closed to the public. Appointment-only adoptions, drive-up fostering, online training, and at-home volunteer projects (such as making pet toys) are to help care for vulnerable animals during the pandemic. 

I hope that those who get a new dog now are not working full-time or have someone at home for most of the day.  And that those who get sick have someone to take care of the animals to prevent it being again set up for adoption.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few irresponsible folks who get a dog - only to leave it for eight or ten hours alone at home while they go to work.  Then they rush for ten minutes around the block - if at all.  Dogs are pack animals.  Holding them alone for most of the day is cruel and totally against their nature.  Not even mentioning the many hours they must hold their bladder.

Dogs are the only ones whose lives have been improved by the Corona Virus. Animals are making our isolation more enjoyable too.  Dogs are always there for you:

  • They are a part of the family
  • They won't judge you 
  • They remind us that we have an obligation and responsibility to nurture them
  • They need you for support, so they force you out of your ego and make you better

Let's recognize our amazing pets who keep us company during unsettling times. There are even Coronavirus Stars: BBC sports commentator Andrew Cotter's dogs Olive and Mabel go viral on social media.



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