Monday, August 31, 2020

Don't Panic - Organize!

They are the 90% who own a fraction of the assets of the remaining 10% of the population, to whom neither morality nor most laws apply. These are the 10% who at all times initiated wars to which they sent people from the 90 percent.

The men who were rich before and after wars, who become CEOs in elite schools to run the economy more or less splendidly. Who decides on the lives of the 90 percent and keep them as far away from themselves as possible. Those who employ the 90 percent. And what is better suited to this than fear and hatred of one another?

One could fight the division of the population, the prejudices and dislikes, the fear that another poor wretch could take something away from you, with education, with really good media work, with excellent propaganda, one could ensure real justice and equality, one could abolish the inhuman social-security-alms, strengthen the state - but for what? What is the point of questioning a concept that has proven itself for so long? What was good for so long to distract the masses from what they really hate and need to question?
Why you might ask, do I face jail time for cheating and stealing, but billionaires go unpunished? Why do I have to move to the outskirts of the city and stand in traffic jams to never get up? Why is the legend "anyone can make it to the top" not true? Why can I suddenly no longer pay my rent?

Why does my health insurance company no longer pay for medication? Why is it not okay if I fly and smoke when I do not follow all the laws and regulations and rules, and why does this not apply to a few people?

Why does a CEO earn a hundred times more than me, he who has sunk millions and been rewarded with a bonus? Why should I save electricity and water and separate waste and why does this not apply to other people? Why have I been preached for years that I alone am responsible for my success, and then I get fired after all?
The 90 percent might ask themselves that, but fortunately, that will never happen. Because they are busy. Burning witches or despising slaves. Or hating people who look different, have different sex, or believe in something or not, or who drill holes in the too-thin walls of too expensive apartments. Nothing will change, because people hate each other too much, because they see themselves in the other. Desperate and mortal, insecure and restless, looking for support...




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