Thursday, March 11, 2021

Good News for Travelers in America


Made possible by government COVID-19 relief funding, Amtrak said that not only can it resume the 12 long-distance routes with daily service, but it will also recall more than 1,200 furloughed employees throughout the remainder of 2021 and into 2022. 

Amtrak will resume the following routes with daily service as of May 24:

California Zephyr (Chicago – Omaha – Denver — Salt Lake City – San Francisco)

Coast Starlight (Seattle – Portland — Sacramento – Oakland – Los Angeles)

Empire Builder (Chicago – St. Paul-Minneapolis – Spokane – Portland/Seattle)

Texas Eagle (Chicago – St. Louis – Dallas – San Antonio – Los Angeles)

The following routes will resume with daily service as of May 31:

Capitol Limited (Washington, D.C. – Pittsburgh – Cleveland – Chicago)

City of New Orleans (Chicago – Memphis – Jackson – New Orleans)

Lake Shore Limited (New York/Boston – Albany – Buffalo – Chicago)

Southwest Chief (Chicago – Kansas City – Albuquerque – Los Angeles)

Finally, the following four routes will regain daily service as of June 7:

Crescent (New York – Washington, D.C. – Atlanta – New Orleans)

Palmetto (New York – Washington, D.C. – Charleston – Savannah)

Silver Meteor (New York – Savannah – Jacksonville – Orlando – Miami)

Silver Star (New York – Raleigh – Jacksonville – Orlando – Tampa – Miami)

“Offering daily long-distance service represents a vital step in our road to recovery,” said Amtrak CEO Bill Flynn. “Recognizing the immense value of our employees, we  would like to thank Congress for enabling service restoration and helping us recall furloughed employees.”

Read all the details and more routes here:

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