Monday, December 13, 2021

Lufthansa's Sustainable Concept for Onboard Delights


Lufthansa & Swiss Airlines introduced a new sustainable packaging concept - and just received an award for it!  All components of the ‘Onboard Delights’ concept are based on sustainable resources and are either compostable or recyclable. 

The meal boxes and sandwich bags are made from PaperWise, a certified and innovative material, which is derived from 100% agricultural residual material and therefore CO2 neutral.  Even for smaller items such as the labels, sustainable alternatives have been defined including FSC certified and grass paper (LH/Swiss).

The thin inner coating applied to the bowls is made from PLA, a plant-derived polymer that is compostable. The new compostable cutlery is made from bamboo.  This fast-growing product offers 4x higher CO2 absorption than wood and is naturally antibacterial.

'Fruit service' is something new within the Lufthansa service.  Fruits will be offered in a cotton net which the passenger can take home after the flight.  It is designed for a second sustainable use after the flight, e.g. as a veggie bag.

More and more airlines are coming up with ideas to elevate their passengers’ dining experience, with fast and more efficient food service.  After all, an enjoyable and timely onboard meal makes the flying experience more comfortable and memorable. 

Tray-less concepts are becoming more prevalent and are on the rise.  A reduction of space being used inside a trolley means that it could potentially reduce the number of overall trolleys being used in the cabin.  As a result, the cargo weight will be lower and this leads to a reduction of fuel and emissions.


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