Monday, July 20, 2015

Explore Vancouver Island: Westwood Lake Chronicles


Twenty-five years ago Lawrence Winkler and his wife Robin bought a homestead, in the middle of Vancouver Island, on the water’s edge. There are still reflections of the small lake at the foot of Mount Benson – of gardens and vineyards and woodland encounters.
Westwood Lake Chronicles is a “dreamscape” diary, a backyard inventory of life and death in paradise, and the desperate pressures that threaten its existence.  Lawrence Winkler has written an anthem to living deliberately with nature, and the virtues of simplicity, self-sufficiency, solitude, and silence. Find refuge...

Follow Lawrence Winkler throughout the year, experience with him the beauty of nature and the lessons we are given.  A fantastic read not only for nature lovers, but also a must-read for everyone traveling and exploring the stunning beauty of Vancouver Island on Canada's famous West Coast. 
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From Reviewers:

"A delicious, rich, fascinating melange of descriptive natural history, science, lore and romance by an intellectual who struggles with 'whither Mother Earth?'.  Not a gulpable book - should be savored in sips."

"He describes beautifully his passion for his environment with facts and humor! A thoroughly enjoyable read!"


Author Bio:

Westwood Lake Chronicles is one of eight books by Lawrence Winkler, an ancient physician and a traveler, a phenomenologist, a mushroom forager, and an amateur naturalist.  As a young man, he hitchhiked around the world, for five trans-formative years.

Lawrence Winkler's middle age is morphing from medicine to manuscript. He has a passion for habitat protection, including the (hopefully) final repairs on a leaky roof. Westwood Lake Chronicles was his first book.

He lives on Vancouver Island with Robyn and Shiva, tending their garden and vineyard, and dreams.  
See Lawrence Winkler’s author page and all his books on Amazon.


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