Monday, July 20, 2015

Thousands of Greek Islands for Sale


Roughly 6000 islands belong to Greece.  Several hundreds are developed, many in the hands of wealthy Greek families, inherited over generations.  
As part of Greece’s bailout plan, the government will have to sell off €50 billion in assets.  And much of that will likely come from selling off some of their 1,200 to 6,000 islands.  Aside from wealthy celebrities, it’s reported that affluent Russian and Chinese investors are also lining up to pick up Greek properties.
If you are thinking about a private getaway in the Mediterranean, check out these websites: has a directory of islands for sale with prices starting at only €3 million. Another website to find islands for sale is
Business Insider shows images and descriptions of some islands too:
Homes for sale in Greece can be found here:
If you just want to buy a plot of land, here is the site for you:

According to the Athens Macedonian News Agency, Johnny Depp is said to have purchased a piece of uninhabited land in the Aegean Sea spanning about 0.2 km for 4.2 million Euros. It also was reported last month that Brad Pitt and wife Angelina Jolie-Pitt were eying up Gaia Island to possibly add it to their real estate portfolio which already includes a French castle. Did Warren Buffet buy a Greek Island as well? One Greek newspaper claims he did.


This might be just what the Greek economy needs to get a little push. It would help small businesses outside of Athens and Thessaloniki, as visitors and investors all need gas, food, accommodation, plane and boat rides, household goods, water, electricity and the services of craftsmen, maids, gardeners, translators, lawyers ... the list goes on and on.

Download a Buyers Guide for Islands, and be aware that ALL beaches in Greece, even those on private islands are free to use for the public...  
Happy island shopping : )


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