Monday, January 2, 2017

Just for the Price of a Coffee ...

Hello Friends, 
I just received an email from Charmaine Craig.  She is helping Syrian war refugee families and was already several months in 2015 and 2016 in Greece.  Now she volunteers in one of the huge refugee camps in Lebanon. In my eyes, this Canadian lady is a saint...

My pledge to you is this:  Instead of a large daily coffee, order a small one 
and with $36 help a family who is a victim of this murderous war.

"Happy New Year from the Beqaa Valley of Lebanon!!!
Most of us wish for a happy, healthy and prosperous year and it is ever more important here. Syrian families displaced by war wish for peace and wonder about when the day comes that the war is over if they will have a place to go back to."

"Families live in abject poverty here in the Beqaa Valley.
They have barely enough food to survive let alone for proper nutrition.  And, children run around in sandals and light jackets when it is freezing outside.  So many children and elderly will end up sick this winter. 

There are over 1400 informal settlement camps scattered on farmer fields throughout the valley.  Not every settlement receives aid. A lot of NGO's will not work here due to safety concerns.  Here at Salam LADC we try to reach the most vulnerable.  We have done many distributions in my short time here and the relief and joy it brings to the people is very gratifying. 

We provide food bags with enough staples for one month for each family and heating fuel to help keep them warm.  We distribute clothes by providing pop-up stores where we set up racks and bins of clothing so that the people can choose for themselves what they would like. This is such a dignified way to provide clothing."

Charmaine wrote:  "I am very happy to work with Salam LADC. I can see they do so much good here with their projects. But as they are a small grassroots NGO their funding is provided by us, the volunteers, and our networks.

I would like to fund at least one of the distributions of food and heating fuel. The cost of the food parcel is $25 and 4 gallons of heating fuel is $11 (all American funds).  For the price of a coffee, you can help me help. 

Friends, we can provide comfort and hope and with your donation families will be provided food and warmth."

Read more here - and follow Charmaine on Facebook:
Donate to my GoFundMe Winter 2016 Campaign

Be Kind to Refugees Facebook Page

Addendum:When I was here in Lebanon, last May, there were 1400 informal settlements. Now, there are an estimated 2050. More and more families have left Syria since the Siege on Aleppo and Lebanon has decided they are no longer permitted to register as refugees which mean: less aid.
I would like to fund at least one distribution of food and heating fuel for an entire settlement camp. The cost of the food parcel for one family for one month is $25 and 4 gallons of heating fuel is $11 (US funds). For the price of a coffee per day, you can help me help keep a family warm and fed this winter.

Thank you for your support!
Love Charmaine

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