Thursday, January 26, 2017

Letter from Lebanon

Canadian Volunteer Charmaine Craig wrote:

Dear Friends,
We are busy here in the Beqaa Valley of Lebanon providing the much needed aid to displaced Syrian War Refugees, living in the settlement camps or in town, renting horrible spaces. This week volunteers have done food and blanket distributions and plan another food/heating fuel distribution and a large shoe distribution. 

Today I will be purchasing food from the wholesaler. We buy rice, lentils, chickpeas, bulgar, etc in 25 kg bags and large boxes of cooking oil, tea and pasta. Please help 

I am also working with a team to improve a horrendous housing situation for a family. We will be purchasing some needed antibiotics for the children, a cook stove and propane, food, hygiene products and whatever else we feel will make their living situation more habitable and sanitary. 

Thank you, friends, for making this happen!
Please ask all your friends to donate as well, even $5 helps!

Love Charmaine

War Refugees to Survive the Winter

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