Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trump Refuses to Help - Please Donate for Syrian War Refugee Families

Canadian volunteer Charmaine Craig who is now helping families for over two months in a war refugee camp in Lebanon, near the Syrian border, wrote an update about her humanitarian efforts during one of the worst winter conditions in years.  

Please see also her ebook HELPING WAR REFUGEES, 
which covers her time as a volunteer in Greece 2015/16 


It's only $2.99 and revenue goes 100% to feed people whose homes are bombed, who have no job, lost everything... and help them to heat their tents.


Charmaine writes: "I just realized that I haven't done an update on here in awhile. Since the last update, I sponsored a food and fuel distribution to 55 families in honor of my granddaughter Hailey's birthday. Each family received enough rice, chickpeas, lentils, bulgar, pinto beans, sugar, salt, tea and cooking oil for one month.  In addition, each family received 20 litres/5Gal of fuel to help keep warm.  And trust me they needed it - that day a major storm front came in. .

Recently I co-sponsored a blanket and heating fuel distribution to a small settlement camp of 46 families 

that had not received any aid at all in over a year!


"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your donations.  All distributions at SalamLADC are funded by volunteers and their generous supporters--without you this would not be possible.   Donations can save lives - and they give hope to those who had none."

Thank you!
Love Charmaine

Please help Charmaine to feed and buy heating material for people who have to live during this harsh winter.  Read her book where she explains the refugee situation and that the large organizations and many governments NOT helping at all...   Americans, Russians and several others have billions for bombs and airplanes, but don't care or give any food to the victims of this horrible 6-year war!!! 


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