Friday, June 28, 2019

The Trump Factor

This is an excerpt from an article by Evaggelos Vallianatos. He worked at the US Environmental Protection Agency for 25 years. Vallianatos is also the author of 6 books, including “Poison Spring,” with Mckay Jenkins.
The message of the scientists has yet to reach the brainwashed population. Billions of powerless workers earn a miserable living in factories and agricultural enterprises fueled by petroleum. The owners of fossil fuels, meanwhile, keep spreading misinformation, denying global warming and convincing world leaders to dance to the sounds of their music.
In the United States, for example, fossil fuel magnates have president Donald Trump in their pockets.  He denies global warming.  He hired billionaires for running the federal government.  It’s as if thieves were installed in the national treasury.
But Trump is doing much more harm than licensing medieval barons in the looting of the country.  His “deregulation” is not a program of abstractions but a program of extractions.  It is raising the stakes of who lives and who dies.
Polluters now have a dear friend in the White House.  They ignore the flimsy protective laws enforced by Trump’s predecessors.  They open the spigots of pollution all over America.  Their deadly effluents now seep into groundwater, aquifers, rivers, creeks, lakes, and seas.
The gas poisons of polluters reach the atmosphere daily. They originate from countless sources such as: petroleum drilling and refineries, chemical factories, thousands of warplanes and commercial aircraft flying all over America and the world 24 hours a day, millions of cars travelling billions of miles every day of the year, animal farms raising and slaughtering billions of animals every year, pesticides sprayed over hundreds of millions of acres, energy power plants, and military bases.
No one really has a handle on the killing power of this vast air pollution.  But the effects could not be innocuous.  The colossal amounts of largely invisible poisons fill the sky and mix with the soup of long-lasting pollutants that capture solar heat and raise global temperature.
Trump is also behaving like a monarch primarily because he purchased the allegiance of the Republican Party with a trillion-dollar tax cut to the rich and to large corporations, and no taxes on several million dollars of inheritance.  Only rich people inherit property and cash.
This cash has shut the mouths of the Republican-majority senators.  It does not matter what Trump does.  It’s fine with them.  Trump owns the Republican politicians.
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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

How to Get Your Book Into a Talk Show

Getting on talk shows to chat about and/or promote your book is an absolute dream come true, think of all the free promotion!  But as you can imagine, it is not easy to land a radio and TV interviews.  Being on television or a radio show is one of those rare milestones that can boost your value, strengthen your reputation, and maybe even increase your book sales.  But how can you achieve this?
  • When you’re pitching to a national television show, your job is to add value, not to sell your book or be the star - while also delivering a stellar on-air performance - can take you a very long way. Let your sense of humor shine through.
  • Given editors’ attention spans, the length of your pitch definitely matters. Shorter is better, try to hook with 3-4 sentences. And: Follow up, often multiple times, by email and phone.
  • Your initial point of contact at a TV show is typically the booking department. Approach them first, but remember also to pitch the show’s producer(s). The more points of contact you have, the better your chances of getting on air.
  • Before you write your pitch, you “need to know the audience, the people watching the show you’re pitching.” If you’re pitching a morning show, for instance, your story should appeal to stay-at-home moms and seniors, who are most likely to be home during the day.
  • To truly stand out from the masses, start by building relationships with hosts and producers of the shows you’re interested in. Fostering relationships first is an essential part of the pitch.  Being a LinkedIn member (with lots of TV show producers, editors, radio show hosts, etc. on your follower list) and also to join HARO (Help a Reporter Out) are essential.
  • The shows you are pitching want to offer their viewers fresh stories, so listing all the other shows you have been on can be “a real turn off”.
  • Rejection: A “no” can mean “not right now” or “not for this show.” It’s just a matter of how it’s pitched and if the content you’ve written is the right content for their particular outlet.
  • Timing is everything: Never pitch at the end of summer when shows are starting up. You will end up in an email list of a thousand and get lost or forgotten. The holidays, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, are also a dangerous time to pitch.
  • Sad but true. In visual media, visual matters. In daytime television particularly, your looks are important. People have to really be presentable and articulate in a compelling and attractive way. While we can’t all look like a top model, we can always put our best face, hair, and wardrobe forward. Be a good listener and remember that you are having a conversation.
  • If you don’t have quality tape, either online or as a DVD, don’t bother contacting major shows.  Unless you can show them a video of the previous on-camera experience, they won’t be interested.
  • Don’t expect the interviewer to have read your book before the show. Be able to explain what’s the readers benefit in reading your book in one or a few sentences.

Prepare, Prepare, and Prepare Even More:
Write down and practice your talking points ahead of time so that you don’t freeze when the cameras are on.  Remember, your goal is to have a natural dialogue with the host and not sound robotic.  Rehearse your talking points to reflect a natural back-and-forth conversation.
Not only on TV but also on a radio show: be enthusiastic.  Even though the audience can’t see you on the radio, they can hear and feel your energy.  It’s perfectly acceptable to provide your own list of questions for the host.  Also, identify all the questions you possibly could be asked. Then write three to four talking points in response to each question.  But keep your answers brief and to-the-point.

Non-Fiction Author Experts
Having already a career as an expert, where you get paid to appear on shows and to offer expertise is a chance for seasoned writers/professionals.  If your goal is to become a “professional expert,” someone making money by appearing on talk shows and reality shows, you’re best served by getting an agent, someone who has professional contacts in the world of talk and reality and has a roster of expert clients.

Conclusion: Remember that the show is not about you. You are not the star of the show. The host is and most of all: the audience is. You are there to keep them interested in the topic - your topic. Refer listeners subtly back to your book. This is the art of a soft-sell. 

Hope these tips will help you to successfully promote your book longterm. They are small steps of building your author brand and reputation and to get your name out there – one step at a time.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting

Most site owners shop their web hosting by price.  A budget might be certainly an important thing to consider, but since the differences in hosting prices are negligible, there are other features and more important factors when choosing the perfect hosting.

Many web hosting services let you choose from several types of packages, each with a different price and slightly different range of offerings. Prices can range from $4.25/month to over $40/month. These price differentials can be attributed to the different features included within each plan and to the eagerness of some newer hosting companies, to grow their brand by offering extremely low rates. 

Customer support in a web hosting service should be efficient and effective, as well as polite and responsive. Your hosting service should quickly answer when contacted and be able to solve your problems right away. 

Do you have all the access you need, and can you find all the functions you require for running your website?  Is there proper documentation and help articles?  Do you have a user-friendly control panel? 
The situation is ideal if you have full control of your site and can manage it on your own – most of the time.

A good hosting service offers both Linux and Windows servers and enables you to move between when necessary.

Choose a hosting service that backs up your web content regularly.

Even if your site is small at the moment, you should look for a minimum of 5 GB of disk space and 250 GB of bandwidth from your web hosting plan. Many web hosts are offering an unlimited amount of both at a very favorable price. 

Choose a web host who‘s control panel is easy to use. 

Look for hosting services that guarantee uptime, and will tell you exactly how they implement this promise.

Four Popular Hosting Services:
Best for: Small business owners and bloggers looking for a low-priced, feature-rich service to get their sites up quickly and affordable.
Best Value: $4.50/Month
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Disk Space: Unlimited
Just Host 
Best for: Inexperienced webmasters looking for a hosting provider with a well organized, easy-to-use user interface at an affordable price.
Best Value: $4.45/month
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Disk Space: Unlimited

Best for: Webmasters looking for instant website setup, an intuitive control panel design and the option to purchase additional professional-grade site builders.
Best Value:$6.95/month
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Disk Space: Unlimited
Host Monster 
Best for: Professional or novice webmasters who require speedy customer phone support and are looking for a plan offering unlimited email accounts.
Best Value:$5.95/month
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Disk Space: Unlimited
The features offered by each provider, as well as the cost of their services, changes over time, so it is important to do your own vetting before deciding which service works best for your business.


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Pilot Jobs Snapshot June 6

Captain DHC8-Q400 - Flybe - Multiple Locations in Europe
Salary starts at GBP 70,037
- Valid UK CAA issue EASA ATPL
- 2,500 hrs Minimum including 1,000 PIC
- Operated in this capacity within the last 12 months
Job reference: REQ01289

Citation 550 Captain - Fresno, CA -  for Part 91/135 operation
- ATP and CE500 Type Rating
- 3,000 hrs Total Time
- 1,500 hrs Multi-Engine time
- 1,000 hrs Turbine or 200 hrs Jet

GV Captain - Sun Air Jets - Camarillo, CA
- 3,000 hrs TT
- GV type rating
- 500 hrs GV

DA-2000 Falcon Captain - Sun Air Jets - Camarillo, CA
- DA-2000 type rating, 100hr in type
- Previous 135 experience desired
- 3,000 hrs TT
- 1,500 hrs turbojet
- 500 hrs turbojet PIC

Flight Training Instructor - Part-Time Position - Delta - Atlanta, GA
pilot training and evaluation for pilots of Delta Air Lines & other carriers
- 2,000 hrs flight experience
- computer-savvy


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Welcome to the Cannabis-Campus

Anyone 19 years of age or older has been able to legally buy marijuana in Canada since October 2018.  Legalization has brought a boom to Canada, and new companies are emerging everywhere that specialize in the cultivation or distribution of cannabis, among other things.
A New Industry
Anyone over the age of 19 can buy marijuana in licensed shops grown by officially licensed producers, many of whom are even listed on the stock exchange. New companies emerging everywhere specializing in the cultivation, distribution, the development, and research of cannabis.
Universities are also Responding to this Trend
Universities are afraid of losing the connection if they don't bring cannabis to the campus.
Where to Study Cannabis Production:

Niagara College, for example, offers a course in commercial cannabis production. Among other things, it teaches lighting concepts, legal aspects, pest management, cost analysis, and proper fertilization.  "There is a new and overwhelming need for qualified and well-trained professionals in the booming cannabis industry," says the university's homepage.  The first courses started in autumn of 2018, even before cannabis was officially legalized.  There were 300 applicants at that time, for 24 places, also the spring course is already full and for autumn 2019 there are only chances over the waiting list.

Ryerson University is currently running a course entitled "The Cannabis Business", which deals with sales, marketing and regulations, among other things. 

Durham College, on the other hand, is aimed at students with a degree in business administration and offers them an advanced course on the cannabis industry.  If you want to know more about medical marijuana, you need to enroll at McGill University.  If you want to deal with legal issues relating to cannabis, Ottawa University is the place to go. They advertise that students can also visit the facilities of Canopy Growth, Canada's largest cannabis producer.  The company is run by a graduate from Ottawa.

But hardly any university can keep up with what Niagara College offers: In several freight containers there is a highly secured plantation. In this building, which students only call a "cannabis bunker", cannabis plants grow under bright LED lights and industrial conditions. Students can practice what they have learned in theory.  But one downside remains: at the end of each course, the plants are destroyed instead of consumed.