Sunday, May 29, 2016

Obituary: Donald J. Trump

Another amazing blog post by C.C. Lum:

Who fired The Donald? 

Whoever pulled the trigger on The Donald, they certainly triggered a revival of conspiracy theorizing on a grand scale.  Forget the Birthers…all the exciting speculation is now with the Deather's. 

C.C. Lum remembers Donald Trump… (read on)


Bernie and the Path to Coalition Government

C.C. Lum wrote a great blog article:

Bernie and the Path to Coalition Government

Even for an imaginative writer, such as myself, it is hard to conjure up any political course that would seriously threaten the Deep State, that is, the real-power infrastructure embedded in the United States.

To be sure, the theatrical value of the current presidential race is unprecedented in its farcical quality, all the while raising some disturbing questions about the qualifications of the voting public to even participate in this democracy mime.

That said, all the drama aside, the campaigning on the left and on the right is still just theatre…not revolution.  Or am I wrong?  (read on…)