Saturday, April 9, 2022

Photo Impressions of Santa Fe, New Mexico

My favored city in North America with 325 Days of Sunshine - even in Winter: Santa Fe! 

Almost all the buildings are entirely in the unique Adobe style.  No building is higher than three stories, and there are no high-rises at all throughout the city.  Something totally different from other cities in  North America! 

I had the pleasure to not only visit Santa Fe several times but also to see how locals live in residential homes.  Santa Fe lies 7,200 ft high and has 325 sunshine days a year.  Every private home I saw had skylights to use the natural light in every room.  Even in winter, the air is warm during the day, and in summer it is pleasant due to the dry environment.

It is amazing to see how many types of Chiles are offered in grocery stores.

Did I mention that Santa Fe has great skiing close to downtown?  United and American Airlines fly into Santa Fe

One could assume that all people in Santa Fe are artists or artisans...

Santa Fe, New Mexico’s capital, sits in the Sangre de Cristo foothills. It’s renowned for its Pueblo-style architecture and as a creative arts hotbed. Founded as a Spanish colony in 1610, it has at its heart the traditional Plaza. 

Chamisa: the Perfect Flowering Shrub for Xeriscaping
Also called Rabbitbrush, it is fast-growing, reaching maturity in 2 to 4 years, and has a lifespan of 5 to 20 years.  Hardiness zones are 5 to 11 - from Canada to Northern Mexico in dry areas.

Adobe-style homes have projecting wooden roof beams (vigas) extending through walls and typically have large wood components, like heavy doors, ceiling beams, and porch posts.  Earth-based materials, like sun-dried mud, clay, and straw, make the bricks to construct the exterior walls of traditional Adobe homes.

True: New Mexico is a land of enchantment!

Chile decorations are seen everywhere

Besides skiing, visiting all the history and art museums, 
go world-class shopping and dining, spend an evening at the old movie theatre!

Friday, April 1, 2022

Successful Publishing Newsletter April 2022

Tips for Successful Publishing - Newsletter March 2022

by 111Publishing and SavvyBookWriters


Happy April everyone! It is also called the “National Month of Hope”. April is a good time to complete a project - not only your taxes but also articles and your latest book.  Check out this article: 29 Expenses Writers Can Deduct from Income Tax



Changing Climate Residency

Santa Fe Art Institute is accepting applications for our 2023 Residency Program, which addresses the most critical issue of our time. Open to all artistic disciplines, providing a $500 stipend.  Deadline April 9


Writers Colony Fellowship

The "Moondancer" Fellowship for authors who express their love of nature and concern for the environment through their writing. Open to poets, fiction writers, playwrights, essayists, columnists, memoirists, and screenwriters. Prior publication is not a requirement. The fellowship winner will receive a two-week residency at WCDH including dinners to focus completely on their writing.

Deadline April 25

Degroot Foundation Writing Grants

Applicants may be writing in any genre. In 2022, The de Groot Foundation will award seven unrestricted grants of $7,000 each. The one-time application fee of $22.00  Deadline May 31


Hakai Magazine

Seeks news features — 1,500- to 2,000-word features with a newsy hook, or, put another way, news stories with more space and breadth for color and insight, history and nuance. The rate for these stories will be CAN $1.30 per word. The stories will go through multiple rounds of editing and will require annotation for fact-checking.

Pitch Colin Schultz, News Editor at


Nieman Reports

A quarterly print publication and online magazine covering thought leadership in journalism. Features typically run between 1,200 and 3,000 words, sometimes longer if the material warrants it. Opinion columns, run between 800 and 1,200 words. Rates are $250 for opinion columns and $1/word for features.


Men's Health Online

Seeks culture/entertainment pitches for the online edition. Pays $150-350. 

Pitch Evan Romano, Culture Editor, at



We are always interested in new ideas and perspectives. Everything we publish is directly related to the state of Maine — its culture, history, personalities, destinations, current events, and more. Submissions can be sent to 

We pay a flat $400 for My Maine essays.


Landscape Architecture Magazine

Our audience primarily comprises landscape architecture professionals and students with a fair number of city planners in the mix.

We are interested in stories, not subjects. Rates range from $400 for under 500 words to $1/word for a 2,000-word feature.


Chicken Soup: Cats and Dogs

We are looking for true stories and poems about your cat or about your dog. First-person only. Limit 1,200 words. Payment is $200 and ten copies. Deadline May 30


You have a lot to gain from entering writing competitions:  Winning a contest really boosts your chances of getting published - Having a deadline forces you to finish editing - Many contests require you to write a synopsis and a pitch, which are also essential for approaching publishing houses, editors, and agents.  Mostly, contests are held every year, so if you missed one you'd like to enter, you can prepare for next year.

Scotiabank Giller Prize

Open to Fiction books published in Canada in English between March 1, 2022, and April 30, 2022 to be eligible for the 2022 Prize. Must be nominated by publisher. Full-length novel or collection of short stories published in English, either originally, or in translation. Prize: $100,000 to the winner and $10,000 to each of the finalists. Deadline: April 14

Montreal International Poetry Prize

The Montreal Prize awards one prize of $20,000 CAD to a poet for a single poem of 40 or fewer lines. The shortlist is published in The Montreal Poetry Prize Anthology. Entries may be submitted from anywhere in the world.  $20 Entry Fee.  Deadline May 1


Bridport Prize for Short Story

All the winning and highly commended pieces are entered into the Sunday Times Audible competition, top prize £30,000. UK-based writers are entered into the BBC short story competition. That’s not all, literary agent A.M. Heath reads all the shortlist and considers representation. First prize: £5,000. One of the largest short story prizes, the winning story featured in our anthology. Second prize: £1,000. Third prize: £500. Highly Commended 10 x £100.  Deadline May 30


Have a great Springtime and enjoy writing and publishing new books for the upcoming “Summer Reading” season.  I wish you happy Passover and Easter Holidays and that Spring is finally arriving in your neck of the world.  Look forward and enjoy the Easter Holidays - even more in Europe where the celebrations go from Good Friday to - and including - Easter Monday.



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