Monday, March 30, 2020

Boring Verbs and What to Use Instead

16 Boring Verbs & What to Use Instead (Infographic)

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Open letter to Mr. Calin Rovinescu - Air Canada

Open letter to Mr. Calin Rovinescu
President and Chief Executive Officer 
Air Canada

Flight AC875 from Frankfurt to Montreal
Tuesday, March 17

Row 43 (D) a female passenger was constantly coughing...
I reported to a flight attended and asked for a different seat to get away from this coughing lady. The (chief) stewardess (tall lady with brown hair, fastened up to a bun) told me in a very arrogant tone that it’s just my risk when flying.

This was the second-last flight from Europe home to Canada!
This flight attended was not even wearing a mask, like many of her colleagues, and started to tell me about her spring allergy she endures - like my worries are a piece of cake and I should live with it.
Arroganz and Ignoranz…

I am nearly 70 years old, there were several free seats in the plane - so no reason at all not to give me another, safer seat.

Now to Your JAZZ  Airline:
I have never seen such a dirty plane!  Flight # AC 8780
from Montreal to Halifax Tuesday, March 17
To place a coat in the overhead compartment passengers had to touch the handle which was totally dirty, filthy and disgusting. I checked the other handles and they were so dirty - it was insane.

Why did I have to wait for 5+ hours for my connecting flight to Halifax - even though there was another flight two hours earlier? I inquired at the AC customer service counter and learned that there were several free seats at this earlier plane.

Customer-friendly Air Canada? 
Training of cabin-staff and cleaners?


Monday, March 16, 2020

Working From Home: FREE Courses

Generous Offer: 
Working from home: free courses from LinkedIn with this link
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Sunday, March 8, 2020

What Birthday Gifts Men Really Like to Get

"When the kids were little, my husband said what he really wanted for his birthday was a clean house, so I gave him a vacuum cleaner as a birthday gift."

"How about a coupon book where you write in lots of things you would do for him? Like, say, an evening of watching the kids. Fathers know that the best gifts come without a price."

"A gift certificate for a field trip with the kids. For example for a trip to an amusement park or a year's membership in an amusement arcade - working fathers love to spend time with their children in this way."

"How about a slow cooker? So he can prepare meals for the whole family before he leaves for work in the morning."

"Why don't you invite him to dinner at a restaurant. That way, you too can benefit from it, you won't be exposed to his 'culinary skills' for an evening and at the same time give him the feeling that you are doing something special for him. He will love you for it."

"A subscription to a cooking magazine so he feels bad because he never has time to prepare really healthy meals for the family."

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