Friday, September 25, 2020

Is There a Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Passenger numbers in international air traffic have fallen by 92 percent in the last eight months compared to 2019.  According to the International Air Transport Association IATA, one of the reasons for this is that quarantine measures make travel impractical and the frequent changes to Covid-19 measures make planning impossible.

"The key to restoring cross-border mobility is systematic Covid-19 testing of all travelers before departure.  After IATA boss Alexandre de Juniac called for COVID tests for all passengers before departure, some airlines are getting serious about this issue immediately. Lufthansa manager Bj√∂rn Becker explained to Reuters that LH is considering the use of rapid tests as early as October.

The Lufthansa subsidiary Austrian Airlines also wants to use such tests.  The Austrian Airlines spokeswoman Tanja Gruber confirmed and specified these plans: "The introduction should take place as soon as possible.  However, we are currently not able to give an exact date.  In the mentioned project we are checking the organizational sequence of the process. As soon as more details are available here, we will inform accordingly". 

As far as financing is concerned, one would like to see a "nationwide solution which is also taken over by the authorities", according to the Austrian spokeswoman.

A whole range of antigen tests is currently being launched on the market, which should at least partially replace the more expensive and more complex PCR tests, at least as screening tests.  They deliver the results within minutes and are also significantly cheaper than PCR.




Memoirs of an Executive Pilot in Europe

from VIP Passengers to Emergency Flights


Piloten Ausbildung, Jobsuche und Berufsalltag

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Glimpse Into the New La Guardia, NYC, Airport

An amazing transformation from the old La Guardia airport to the new large-scale and spacious, almost posh ones happened during the last years. Enjoy these videos of the (almost) finished transformation - starting with new Terminal B:

I Vividly Remember How I Once Experienced La Guardia:

One of the most memorable flights I ever had was during the ’90s into La Guardia: The sun was almost setting on a November afternoon and wrapped New Yorks’ skyscrapers into a warm, golden color.  The city buildings almost seemed to glow. It was such a fascinating, almost unreal light, that I totally forgot to grab my camera, and just stared at this amazing scene. 

However, after we landed, it became less comfortable: Hordes of strange men bombarded passengers with their offers of cheap taxi rides (certainly illegal cabs), some even offered drugs and whatever…  For a single female passenger it was frightening, and I tried to find a security person - but no luck.  Finally, short before the airport buildings exit I approached a uniformed lady and asked her, how these guys could enter the inner arrival building without a ticket.  She just flinched her shoulders. 

I got out of the La Guardia building, towards my hotel, and when I turned around, 
I saw a perfect architectural example of an art deco airport building facade. 

Entering my expensive airport hotel, I was disgusted and even a bit scared.  Hallways and rooms seemed to be from the fifties, outdated and filthy.  The lighting in the halls was insufficient, and my door lock not working.  I pushed a small book underneath the door and placed my two heavy suitcases onto the entrance door.  I wished I would have taken my shuttle already this night.

Wikipedia Wrote About La Guardia:

Terminal A, also known as the Marine Air Terminal (MAT), was the airport's original terminal for overseas flights.  The waterside terminal was designed to serve the fleet of flying boats, or Clippers, of Pan American Airways, America's main international airline throughout the 1930s and 1940s.  When a Clipper landed in Long Island Sound, it taxied to a dock where passengers could disembark into the terminal. 

Flying boats stopped carrying scheduled passengers out of New York after 1947.  The last Pan American flight left the terminal in February 1952, bound for Bermuda.

Airplane Shuttle to Boston

I had booked one of these hourly shuttles that were offering at least once an hour (or when the plan was full) a trip to Boston, among other cities.  They had an impressive service: Free breakfast including cappuccino, croissants, sausage wraps, and freshly squeezed orange juice, at the departure terminal, and small snacks in the air, plus free, posh magazines as much as one could carry to the plane.  Later I learned that I had flown in one of Trump’s shuttle airplanes. Grrr…

Ferry Service Into Manhatten

I also had read about a ferry service from the airport (which is situated next to the East River) into Manhattan.  I would have loved to take it, but as I had arrived late and needed to fly to Boston early the next morning, I postponed the trip. 

These days, the combination of extensive construction at the airport and a few stalled vehicles made morning and evening rush hours infuriating for thousands — including area residents just looking to get to work.

A ferry terminal was originally included in the $4 billion airport reconstruction plan — announced by Gov. Cuomo and then-Vice President Joe Biden in 2015.  But that aspect of it has seemingly fallen by the wayside.

Now, the Port Authority official acknowledged that interest in waterborne service has risen. Four new East River ferry lines launched earlier this year and have seen much higher than expected ridership - certainly to the addition to the AirTrain. 

However, there is no reason for the Port of NY Authority to create its own ferry service.  The city already operates a working ferry system.  They only need to step up and pay the subsidy required to operate a route to LaGuardia, and another one to JFK.




Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Great 5-Star Reviews for "To the TOP"

Publishing businesses, entrepreneurs, and all kinds of start-ups who ask: "How can I market my books or other products, and services I offer, without incurring costs?"  Answers to this question: the business guide "To the TOP"

Read What Reviewers Say About "To the TOP"

Lesley Jones wrote:
In recent years, having an online presence for your business will make the difference between growth and stagnancy. But can you really build your business with little or no marketing experience and budget? Using the techniques throughout “To the TOP” by Doris-Maria Heilmann, you will learn how to build a marketing strategy for your business that will outshine your competition. Discover what are the attention-grabbing headlines that make the customer purchase and what you can do to grow a loyal customer community that builds you an evergreen income. 

By applying these proven strategies, you will uncover the numerous marketing platforms that other businesses have not yet discovered. Become the go-to person in your chosen field and discover how you can turn your knowledge into a recurring income while you sleep. With over thirty years in publishing and marketing, Doris-Maria Heilmann shares her detailed marketing blueprint that will turn your business into a professional-looking brand and bring amazing results no matter what your budget or marketing background. 

To the TOP by Doris-Maria Heilmann is a great resource for anyone who is struggling to grow their business. The techniques and ideas throughout gave clarity to many areas of marketing that I have avoided because they seemed too complex. In particular, I gained a lot of knowledge on Google ad words and SEO marketing. I loved that a chapter was given to each of the social media outlets, and I was amazed at how the marketing techniques differ on each of the platforms. 

The in-depth analysis of customer psychology was also fascinating and this can help greatly in building a loyal customer base that will return to you time and time again. Using the numerous marketing angles in this guide will most definitely grow your business organically, while at the same time lift your business above the competition. I have also discovered how to overcome the most common pitfalls by implementing very clever marketing strategies. This is an essential guide for anyone whose physical or online business is struggling to elevate to the next level.

Christian Sia 
To the TOP: With Smart Free Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed by Doris-Maria Heilmann is a compelling and content-rich marketing book for entrepreneurs and small businesses. In this book, the author shows readers and small business owners how to reach their target audience, get more customers, and grow their business — for free. No matter how good a product or service is, it won’t make a company grow without customers. So how do you get those customers and make them want to buy and recommend your products and services? The book answers this crucial question and provides valuable information and a strategy for growth and success in a competitive market environment.

In To the TOP, Doris-Maria Heilmann provides a cutting-edge guide on how to use customer service to boost a positive corporate culture, explains the power of video marketing, sweepstakes, podcasts, and email marketing and how to do them the right way, presents content marketing as a powerful tool to reach and win customers, shows how to use social media to advertise and reach new customers and a lot more. 

This book lays out a strategy for growth and tips that can help any business step up their game and expand quickly. What I particularly loved about is how the author talks about the power of a network. It is a secret tool that big brands have used to grow and To the TOP shows how to do it right. The writing is simple, down-to-earth, and easy-to-understand. If you want to know what you need to grow your business, then read this book.



Latest 5-Star Review for “To the Top” by Rabia Tanveer 

To the TOP: With Smart Free Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed by Doris-Maria Heilmann is a self-help book on how you can boost your business with networking and content marketing.  Most new entrepreneurs don’t know that their marketing strategies are more important and beneficial for their business than an advertisement campaign. 

The author shares tips for new business owners; how content marketing is great for business, how blogging, newsletters, podcasting, video making, social media marketing, and good customer service are a great way for any business to grow organically. 

The author educates readers on low-cost ways through which they can boost their business and receive long term results.  A perfect guide for promoting a business, "To the TOP" will support your business and give you insight into some of the best promotional strategies that can benefit your business. 

As a person who works in a marketing firm with a decade of experience, I stand by everything the author has suggested in “To the TOP”.  Your content marketing strategy can do wonders for your business and promote it at a level that reaches your audience more than any paid promotion. 

Doris-Maria Heilmann has done an incredible job of making sure the ideas she shares are easy to understand.  She doesn’t make anything too complicated and keeps the technical jargon minimal so that everyone can get the maximum information out of this guide.  The narrative flows easily, which is why reading this book is a pleasurable experience. 

It is resourceful, educational, and incredibly rich with useful information.



Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Publishing Newsletter: How to Overcome Adversity

by 111Publishing and SavvyBookWriters


Hello friends, I hope your summer has been filled with lots of reading and lots of sunshine. In many ancient cultures, the month of September was the beginning of a new year - new beginnings.
See here where next year's writing vacation could bring you, which freelance writing opportunities are out there, learn about writing contests, and even what writer’s relief grants are offered in these often trying times.
Elsewhere Studios The Residency Program provides space and time for artists & writers.  We have set subsidized residency fees between $600 and $850 (depending on space).  March 1, 2021
Jentel Arts Residencies One month-long residency taking place January 15th – May 13th.  Any visual artist or writer over 25 currently residing in the United States or any US citizen living abroad is eligible.  Each resident receives a $400 stipend. The cozy and comfortable writer studios have Wifi access.  Location Banner, Wyoming.  Deadline September 15
The Siena Art Institute’s 2021 Summer Residency Program 
One month in the beautiful historic city of Siena, Tuscany, Italy, grants resident artists a studio space at the Siena Art Institute and a private one-bedroom apartment in the historic city center, as well as airfare.  Deadline Sept 30
Monson Arts’ Residency Program
Support for emerging & established artists & writers. During each of our 2-week & 4-week programs, 5 artists & 5 writers are invited to Maine’s North Woods.  Get a private studio, all meals & a $1,000 stipend.  Deadline Sept 15
Short stories and creative nonfiction (essays, memoir, etc.) should be under 8,000 words. Novel excerpts under 8,000 words will be considered with great enthusiasm.  Pays ten cents per word up to $500.  Deadline Aug 31
Smarter Travel
They accept multi-page slideshows and both short- and feature-length stories on a range of consumer travel topics, including booking strategies, saving money, avoiding scams, packing tips, best places to go, travel tech, travel trends, and travel tips that represent all kinds of travelers and travel experiences.  Payment: $500 for long-form articles and multi-page slideshows, and $100 to $250 for shorter posts.
Write for Colorado Life 
Colorado Life Magazine is a magazine that explores Colorado.  We are Colorado’s only statewide general-interest magazine.  From the prairies to the mountains to the western slope, we take our readers on unforgettable trips through the Centennial State.  Pays ca. $0.25/word.
This issue will focus on how to be a career author, from planning your writing products to managing your list.  From taking care of your health and wellbeing to becoming a speaker and coach, from creating a sales funnel to earning passive income, and more.  Publication date: January 2021.  Deadline for queries: September 15
The magazine is committed to high-quality, interesting, and useful content to women travelers, conversations related to feminism, women’s safety and violence against women, issues concerning women’s bodies, and other subjects.  Payment $50 per article
Chatelaine The woman magazine is organized into five sections: Style and Beauty, Home, Health, Life & Food.  Feature articles are social issues, controversies, culture, crime, etc., while the Health section covers the latest news & studies, gives fitness & workout tips, and explores hot-button issues.  Pay is $1/word.  Pitch your idea first
WOW - Women on Writing 
Open to general queries, as long as it relates to the craft of writing and publishing.  All articles must have takeaway value for fellow writers."  Pays $50 - $75
Common Ground
Articles of 600 to 1,500 words will be accepted.  Articles can be enhanced with a compelling photo or graphic.  They pay 10c/word.  Common Ground is Western Canada’s biggest & best-loved monthly magazine dedicated to health, wellness, ecology, and personal growth.
Lake Superior Magazine
The Magazine features generally paying $200 to $400.  Top dollar is earned by a well-written and researched manuscript-photo package.  Lake Superior Magazine is a bi-monthly full-color consumer magazine that focuses exclusively on the Lake Superior region – history, current events, lifestyles, environment, tourism.

Writers Digest Personal Essay Awards
Grand prize $2,500, publication in Writer's Digest magazine, and a paid trip to the Writer's Digest Annual Conference.  Second prize receives $1,000 and publication.  Limit 2,000 words.  $25 Entry Fee.  Deadline Sept 15
The QueryLetter Writing Contest
Prize: $500 top prize for a back cover blurb of 100 words or fewer that sets the stage for a novel, establishes the characters, and raises the stakes in a way that makes readers want to find out more.  Prize: $500 top prize.  Deadline: Sept 15
Bodley Head/Financial Times Essay Prize 
Open to anyone between 18 - 35 years old.  "A dynamic, authoritative, and lively essay of no more than 3,500 words in English, on any subject."  Prize: £1,500 cash and an e-publication with The Bodley Head & publication in the Financial Times.  Deadline Sept 24
Victoria BC Literary Festival Writing Competition
Short story: 1500 words, taking into consideration the theme of the 2019 VLF festival: Hats Off.  Prize: First prize will receive 350 CDN$.  Deadline Sept 30
Chicken Soup for the Soul 
Stories about Self-care and Me Time.  Genre: True stories. Payment: $200. “We are looking for your stories about how you neglected your self-care and then how you realized its importance and so you now engage in it."  Deadline: Sept 30
Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition
The first-place winner will receive $1,500 and publication.  The 2nd-3rd-place winners will receive $500 each.  Stories must be original unpublished fiction, max 3,500 words.  Open to all writers whose fiction has not appeared in a nationally distributed publication with a circulation of 5,000 or more.  $15 Entry.  Deadline Sept. 30
Zoetrope Short Story Prize
First prize: $1,000.  Second prize: $500.  Third Prize: $250.  The three prizewinners and seven honorable mentions will be considered for representation by several Literary Agencies.  All genres of literary fiction.  Entries must be: unpublished; strictly 5,000 words or fewer.  $30 Entry Fee.  Deadline Oct 1
Larry Brown Short Story Award
The winners will receive the following prizes: first $500, second $50, third $50, and fourth and fifth will receive a copy of the book Tiny Love: The Complete Stories by Larry Brown. Each prize winner will be published in the January 2021 issue of Pithead Chapel.  The submitted story must be less than 4,000 words.  $10 Entry Fee.  Deadline Oct 31
John Steinbeck Award for Fiction
Aesthetically, we are open to most styles and approaches, including experimental and literary.  All works should be stand-alone short stories, not chapters of a longer work. Please limit prose submissions to 5,000 words. $1,000 for the winning story.  $20 Entry Fee.  Deadline Nov 1

Running out of resources?  Please, don’t despair.  Read this ebook how small (publishing) businesses or startups can use free marketing to grow their customers: 
"To the TOP"
Reviewer Analysis: The in-depth analysis of customer psychology was also fascinating and this can help greatly in building a loyal customer base that will return to you time and time again.
Also available at B&N, Apple, Kobo & dozens of other retailers via the universal link:
CERF and Relief Grant
Residents or work in the U.S. or U.S. Territories for the last two years?  CERF+ is launching the COVID-19 Relief Grant program to provide financial assistance to professional artists working in craft disciplines who are facing dire circumstances from the COVID-19 crisis.  It will provide a one-time $1,000 grant to meet urgent food, housing, and health insecurities.  Deadline Sept 9.
Virtual Mini-Lesson Grants for Arizona Artists
Artists will be compensated $500 to produce one mini-lesson video, with the opportunity to produce up to three for a total of $1,500, plus an additional $125 stipend to attend virtual training.  Deadline Sept 10
Cullman Center Fellowships
They award up to 15 fellowships a year to outstanding scholars and writers— Foreign nationals conversant in English are also welcomed.  Award: A stipend of up to $70,000, an office, a computer, and full access to the Library's physical and electronic resources.  Deadline: Sept 25
Arts Council England Project Grants
Project Grants is open to anyone who needs funding for an arts, museums, or libraries project that shows public benefit.  Updated guidance to support more individuals and creative practitioners during the Covid-19.
StARTS Short-Term Artists Residencies - Illinois
The StARTS Program provides support of up to $4,500 to eligible Illinois not-for-profit organizations, schools, and school districts for short term residencies.  This is an open deadline program.  Applications must be received no less than eight weeks before the project start date as identified in the application.
Arizona Research and Development Grants
R&D Grants provide funding support to Arizona artists as they work to advance their artistic practice, expand their creative horizons, and deepen the impact of their work. Applicants may request from $3,000 - max. $5,000.  Deadline Oct 15
Scripps Howard Foundation Journalism Grants
Foundation grants give professional journalists the funding they need to cover issues of national and international importance with insight and integrity and help others refresh their skill sets or prepare for new careers in journalism.  Grants range from $5,000 to $7,500.  Grants requests must be submitted in writing by April 30 for consideration during the year’s first grants period and by Sept. 15 for second-half consideration.
Enjoy a long, relaxing Labor Day weekend, full of good books!

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