Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Geflüchtete Lehrerin Darf Nicht Unterrichten

Die syrische Lehrerin Nour darf nicht in Deutschland unterrichten – trotz Lehrermangel. Nour spricht fließend Deutsch. Den Deutschkurs hat sie mit C2-Niveau abgeschlossen hat – Muttersprachniveau. Trotzdem darf sie in Deutschland nicht als Lehrerin arbeiten.
Damit ist Nours Fall in Symbol für Chancen von Geflüchteten in Deutschland – und die Mauern, denen sie begegnen.  Nour hat einen Aushilfs-Job, sie ist versorgt, sie ist in Sicherheit.  Aber sie bleibt auch hinter ihren Möglichkeiten zurück.  Und das, obwohl Lehrerinnen wie sie dringend gesucht werden.

In den nächsten Jahren rechnet die Kultusministerkonferenz mit einem durchschnittlichen Einstellungsbedarf von etwa 31.900 Lehrern und Lehrerinnen pro Jahr (KMK 2018).  Im Schnitt bleiben jetzt schon 700 Stellen unbesetzt.  Besonders an Grund- und Berufs-schulen fehlen Lehrer.

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Entrepreneurs as Authors

Books are becoming popular marketing tools for the self-employed. An estimated more than one million titles, written by entrepreneurs and other non-traditional authors were published in the U.S. 

Entrepreneurs in most cases are not actually looking to produce best-sellers.  Instead, most are taking advantage of new forms of publishing, including electronic publishing and print-on-demand, to generate a marketing tool and additional income at the same time. 
Income which might stem from speaking, consulting, press and new customers. It's not about selling copies.  
The National Speakers Association, a trade group in Tempe, AZ, USA, reports that about 70% of its 3,200 members are authors and more than 60% earn $100,000 a year on average just from giving presentations.

The trend wouldn't have been possible without the emergence of print-on-demand publishers and the advent of digital books. The electronic-book market and in general the Internet, have eased the distribution process for authors. Within only minutes one can now upload a file and have a book.

There are many ways to get attention, but writing and publishing a book is not only one the best way to get attention -- it's one of the most under-utilized by entrepreneurs - and even more by employees.

A book is great for getting attention because it's a multi-purpose marketing tool with unique and special abilities to create attention that you can turn into almost anything else you want -- sales, media, word of mouth, authority.

A book is the New College Degree
A book sets you up to be judged. It's really easy to skirt by and get a college degree. You can't really fake your way into writing a good book. Either you know what you're talking about or you don't.

Amazon is the No. 1 search engine when looking for products and services. This is where people will find your book - if you use the right keywords. Your book can save you taxes through write-offs of all deductibles from the book production.

Don’t focus on making money directly from book sales. It is your PR tool. Once you have a book, media coverage is 10 times easier to get. Books will get you and your company attention. Attention gets you money.


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Monday, January 14, 2019

Paid Writing Residency for a Month in Paris

Just apply for the “American Library in Paris Visiting Fellowship” … if you are working on a book project, fiction or non-fiction, or a feature-length documentary film, that contributes to cross-cultural discourse.


“The fellowship offers writers and researchers an opportunity to pursue a creative project in Paris for a month or longer while participating actively in the life of the American Library.  Particular attention will be paid to an applicant’s ability to offer the Library community a variety of opportunities for exploring a topic.  In addition to the stipend, the Library will connect the fellow to resources and people in Paris that could be helpful to his or her project.  The fellowship is open to all nationalities, though the proposed project must be in English.”
Fellowship Award
A $5,000 stipend paid one month before the start of the fellowship period.  The award, to be spent at the discretion of the Fellow, is designed to cover travel to Paris, your accommodation, and expenses associated with the month-long stay in Paris.
How to Apply
The Library will begin accepting applications on 15 November 2018 and will close on 15 February 2019 for the next round of fellowships.  Application processing fee: €30 ($35 USD).  Applications must be sent by email to
Deadline February 15, 2019
Find all the details and what the complete application must include:



Saturday, January 5, 2019

High-Resolution Images for FREE

The Art Institute of Chicago placed more than 52,000 high-resolution FREE images - mostly from paintings and other artwork from their collection online, available to all without restriction. Here are some examples:

All it takes is going to the Art Institute’s website, and downloading a detailed photograph of an iconic painting from the museum’s collection.  If you like impressionists such as Manet, Monet, and Caillebotte: the photographs of their paintings are now up there and covered by a free Creative Commons license.

The Art Institute is following the path of other museums that have gone to open access, for example, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, or the British Museum in London, England.  However, not only museums but also some libraries, such as the New York Public Library, (NYPL) are offering free images to download.

Canva also lists some interesting - and free - stock photo websites you can choose from.

Where else to find a very long listing of free and royalty-free images?  It’s in one of the chapters of 111 Tips to Create Impressive Videos - available through this universal link: