Tuesday, July 31, 2018

How to Escape the Heat in Germany

Traveling in Germany this summer?  Want to escape the heat?  Try this:
Germany is amazingly full of caves and holes, countless karst, stalagmite and rock caves lie underground and are pleasantly tempered accordingly. 50 of them can be visited: from the Segeberger Kalkberghöhle over the Syrauer Drachenhöhle to the Sturmannshöhle.  Here are just ten of them: 

Mines can also provide relief for heat-afflicted families during the holiday season.  In the Ruhr area, for example, the Graf Wittekind colliery in Dortmund and the St. Anna am Freudenstein colliery in Zschorlau.

However, exhibition mines are also mines in which salt is once or still extracted:
For example, the Bad Friedrichshall salt mine near Heilbronn, where it is 18 degrees Celsius throughout and you can also go on an exploration tour without a guide.
Or visit the oldest active salt mine in Berchtesgaden.  Go underground with the visitor pit railway.

Another fun trip is into a cave to go diving.  
Get all the info where you can do it in Germany here.


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Google Docs as an Alternative to WORD

There are many word processor alternatives to Word, but Google Docs is proving to be the most popular choice. Everything is absolutely free, including 15 GB of storage space on Google Drive.

How to set up Google Docs to be available offline: For many people, you will probably have most of the necessary setup steps already done.

  • Sign into your Google account.
  • You will need to have the Chrome browser
  • Install the Google Drive app on your computer.
  • Ready to set up Google Docs to be available offline

Read more of Derek Haines Instructions and see all the screenshots.


Saturday, July 21, 2018

Book Fairs: Worth to Present Books as Self-Publisher?

Leipziger Buchmesse

Large international book fairs, such as Frankfurt, Leipzig, and Bologna, are where industry professionals meet to buy and sell rights, arrange for subsidiary rights, such as film and games, and scope out what's hot in the literary market. 

Can self-published authors set up a table at international book fairs?  Well, if you have several titles to offer, own a publishing company, and maybe represent other writers too at the exhibition, chances are good - yet a very expensive way to show your titles.

The other thing to consider is whether your books already have a track record.  Most publishers are reluctant to make a deal with an author who has no fans, and whose books have not garnered significant sales. Selling over 10,000 books in the first year is considered significant.

However, self-publishers might waste their money (and time) on an international book fair.  But it is definitely worth attending as a member of the public, to meet with agents, publishers and publishing service providers.  International fairs are a good opportunity for meeting people in the industry, potential right buyers, attending talks, and learning everything about opportunities in the publishing industry.  Make appointments well in advance of the fair as you cannot just drop in and expect they will talk with you.  Most purchasing editors are booked long before the event.

Start Out With Local Book Fairs
While international book fairs may not be the best option for self-published authors, local and regional book fairs are a different matter.  These present many opportunities for local authors to read, sell and sign books, and lead workshops. Local fairs are an excellent means of building a fan base, as well as making contact with other authors.  If you would like to exhibit, costs are much lower than for international fairs, and the logistics are easier to manage.  Find out if there is a fair in your region by contacting your local chamber of commerce, or by googling "book fair" and your city.

For a list of all international fairs see:


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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Monday, July 16, 2018

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Helpful Guide & Template on the New GDPR

Selfpublishingreview wrote a helpful guide about the new GDPR (rules of the European Union which applies to anyone who has an online blog, website, or sells over the internet. It’s enough to have only ONE single user from Europe.

Data collection on your site
If you have a place where people can sign up for your newsletter, you must also make sure that they can opt out of the newsletter later. This is easiest done by adding an “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email you send.

If you collect data at the point of sale, you must state how you store, use, share, and maintain security on your website with this data, including name, address, phone number, email, and payment details.

Selfpublishingreview offers authors to download their FREE Privacy Policy Template For Author Websites – GDPR

Delete or fill in any square brackets [ ] with your own information. You should then make a page on your website to add the text by cutting and pasting it in.

Start of Template
Privacy Policy - [Author Website here]
This notice is for this website; [www.website.com] owned by [author name and registered address] and governs the privacy of those who use it. It explains how we control, process, handle and protect your personal data while browsing or using this website, including your rights under current laws and regulations.

"I" or "The Website" refers to [author name]
"you", "the user" refers to the user of the Website.
GDPR means General Data Protection Act.
Processing of your personal data
Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we control and process personal information about you electronically.
[We are registered with the ICO under the Data Protection Register, our registration number is: ########.]
[We are exempt from registration in the ICO Data Protection Register because [provide reason].]

Lawful basis: Consent

The reason we use this basis: You gave us consent to use your data when you bought or negotiated to buy a book from my website.
We process your information in the following ways: To send you a book and keep you updated with special offers and news about my books.
Data retention period: We will continue to process your information until…[put time period here]
Sharing your information: [We do not share your information with third parties.] [We do share your personal information with third parties because…]

[Here you can put your Wordpress plugins and apps such as Google Analytics]

Lawful basis: Legal obligation

The reason we use this basis:  To pay my taxes correctly.
We process your information in the following ways: I must maintain a list of clients with name, address, and purchases for tax inspections in line with [put your county or nation’s tax service name here]
Data retention period: Six years
Sharing your information: We do not share your information with third parties. / We do share your personal information with third parties and they include…
If, as determined by us, the lawful basis upon which we process your personal information changes, we will notify you about the change and any new lawful basis to be used if required. We shall stop processing your personal information if the lawful basis used is no longer relevant.
Your rights
Under the GDPR your rights are as follows.
the right to be informed;
the right of access;
the right to rectification;
the right to erasure;
the right to restrict processing;
the right to data portability;
the right to object; and
the right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling.

Internet cookies
[We do not use cookies on the Website.]

[We use cookies on this website to provide you with a better user experience. We do this by placing a small text file on your device / computer hard drive to track how you use the website, to record or log whether you have seen messages that we display, to keep you logged into the website where applicable, to display relevant adverts or content, referred you to a third-party website.

Some cookies are required to enjoy and use the full functionality of this website.

We use a cookie control system which allows you to accept the use of cookies, and control which cookies are saved to your device / computer. Some cookies will be saved for specific time periods, where others may last indefinitely. Your web browser should provide you with the controls to manage and delete cookies from your device, please see your web browser options.

Cookies that we use are:

[list of cookies used]]

Data security and protection
We ensure the security of any personal information we hold by using secure data storage technologies [provided by your server/hosting name here] in how we store, access and manage that information.

We use these companies to manage data…

Sponsored links, affiliate tracking & commissions
Our website may contain adverts, sponsored and affiliate links on some pages. These are served through our advertising partners [Google AdSense, eBay Partner Network, Facebook, Amazon Affiliates, or are served through our own means.]

Clickable sponsored or affiliate links may be displayed as a website URL like this; www.kwillbooks.com or as a titled text link like this: Bookshops in Cambridge

Clicking on any adverts, sponsored or affiliate links may track your actions by using a cookie saved to your device. You can read more about cookies on this website above. Your actions are usually recorded as a referral from our website by this cookie. We might earn a very small commission from the advertiser or advertising partner, at no cost to you, whether you make a purchase on their website or not.

We use advertising partners in these ways to help generate an income from the website, which allows us to continue our work and provide you with the best overall experience and valued information.

If you have any concerns about this we suggest you do not click on any adverts, sponsored or affiliate links found throughout the website.

Email marketing messages & subscription
Under the GDPR we use the consent lawful basis for anyone subscribing to our newsletter or marketing mailing list. We only collect certain data about you, as detailed in the "Processing of your personal data" above. Any email marketing messages we send are done so through [an email marketing service provider. 

We use: Mailchimp

Here is there Privacy Policy:
Mailchimp Privacy Policy

They collect:

Email address
I.P address
Subscription time & date


Monsanto is Hiding Round-Up Weedkiller Cancer Risk

Monsanto 'bullied scientists' and hid weedkiller cancer risk, lawyer tells the court.
As ill California man’s landmark case begins, attorney attacks Roundup maker’s response to researchers’ findings.

Monsanto has long worked to “bully scientists” and suppress evidence of the cancer risks of its popular weedkiller, a lawyer argued on Monday in a landmark lawsuit against the global chemical corporation.

“Monsanto has specifically gone out of its way to bully ... and to fight independent researchers,” said the attorney Brent Wisner, who presented internal Monsanto emails that he said showed how the agrochemical company rejected critical research and expert warnings over the years while pursuing and helping to write favorable analyses of their products. “They fought science.”

Wisner, who spoke inside a crowded San Francisco courtroom, is representing DeWayne Johnson, known also as Lee, a California man whose cancer has spread through his body. The father of three and former school groundskeeper, who doctors say may have just months to live, is the first person to take Monsanto to trial over allegations that the chemical sold under the Roundup brand is linked to cancer. Thousands have made similar legal claims across the US.

Read the whole story here: 


Sunday, July 8, 2018

55 Book Promotion Sites

Bestselling author Martin Crosbie created a tremendous helpful list of ebook promotion sites.  Some of these sites are free, others have free & paid services. Some are UK or German-based sites:

http://uk.hundredzeros.com/  (UK site)  50
(German site for English books)

This is a list excerpt only, for the complete list with updates go to:

Books By Doris-Maria Heilmann:

111 Tips to Create Impressive Videos:
How to Plan, Create, Upload and Market Videos 

111 Tips To Make Money With Writing
The Art of Making a Living Full-time Writing
An Essential Guide for More Income as Freelancer 

111 Tips on How to Market Your Book for Free:
Detailed Plans and Smart Strategies for Your Book’s Success  

111 Tips to Get Free Book Reviews:
Best Strategies for Getting Lots of Great Reviews 
plus 1,200+ reviewer contact links 


111 Tips to Create Your Book Trailer
How to Create, Where to Upload and How to Market Your Videos  

Book Marketing on a Shoestring:
How Authors Can Promote their Books Without Spending a Lot of Money  


Thursday, July 5, 2018

New Access to Libraries For Your Book

Expanding library distribution even further, Draft2Digital, popular book distributor, added Bibliotheca, the proprietors of CloudLibrary™.

By distributing to Bibliotheca’s CloudLibrary, books will be included in a digital lending platform that serves more than 3,000 public libraries, worldwide. More than that, books become part of a platform that actively engages readers and helps them connect with new authors and new books they’ll love. Which means better discoverability
Opting-in to Bibliotheca is Easy
Draft2Digital Explains: “The first time you log into your Draft2Digital account, you’ll be prompted to opt-in to Bibliotheca for expanded library distribution. Authors will be able to click a button and instantly add all of your books to this new sales channel, all at once! If you’d prefer to add one book at a time, you can do that from your “My Books” page.”

“And here’s another way to increase discoverability with library distribution …
Most public libraries lend ebooks using a practice called One Copy, One User (OCOU). This is just like lending a physical book, in that the library purchases a copy of the ebook, and once a reader checks it out, it has to be returned before another reader can get their hands on it.  Which means that unlike a traditional sales channel (such as Kobo or Apple Books), only one reader can discover your book at a time, you only make one sale.”

As Draft2Digital expands and improves its library distribution, they are adding a new option that can help more readers discover your work: Cost Per Checkout (CPC).

“CPC allows libraries to have access to the same title for more than one user. Instead of a fixed price, libraries gain access to your books and pay 1/10 of the book’s full purchase price, each time it is loaned out. Unlike OCOU, where only one reader can check your book out at a time and libraries may only purchase a single copy of your book, CPC allows for unlimited checkouts that are paid per use—which can add up quickly!  This allows libraries to take risks on which books to include in their system, increasing the chances of a reader discovering your work, and increasing your revenue opportunities!”

CPC and OCOU are both enabled by default for library distribution channels, and you are automatically receiving the benefits of both. 
If you have any questions, please contact D2D view email: support@draft2digital.com