Tuesday, July 31, 2018

How to Escape the Heat in Germany

Traveling in Germany this summer?  Want to escape the heat?  Try this:
Germany is amazingly full of caves and holes, countless karst, stalagmite and rock caves lie underground and are pleasantly tempered accordingly. 50 of them can be visited: from the Segeberger Kalkberghöhle over the Syrauer Drachenhöhle to the Sturmannshöhle.  Here are just ten of them: 

Mines can also provide relief for heat-afflicted families during the holiday season.  In the Ruhr area, for example, the Graf Wittekind colliery in Dortmund and the St. Anna am Freudenstein colliery in Zschorlau.

However, exhibition mines are also mines in which salt is once or still extracted:
For example, the Bad Friedrichshall salt mine near Heilbronn, where it is 18 degrees Celsius throughout and you can also go on an exploration tour without a guide.
Or visit the oldest active salt mine in Berchtesgaden.  Go underground with the visitor pit railway.

Another fun trip is into a cave to go diving.  
Get all the info where you can do it in Germany here.


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