Thursday, July 5, 2018

New Access to Libraries For Your Book

Expanding library distribution even further, Draft2Digital, popular book distributor, added Bibliotheca, the proprietors of CloudLibrary™.

By distributing to Bibliotheca’s CloudLibrary, books will be included in a digital lending platform that serves more than 3,000 public libraries, worldwide. More than that, books become part of a platform that actively engages readers and helps them connect with new authors and new books they’ll love. Which means better discoverability
Opting-in to Bibliotheca is Easy
Draft2Digital Explains: “The first time you log into your Draft2Digital account, you’ll be prompted to opt-in to Bibliotheca for expanded library distribution. Authors will be able to click a button and instantly add all of your books to this new sales channel, all at once! If you’d prefer to add one book at a time, you can do that from your “My Books” page.”

“And here’s another way to increase discoverability with library distribution …
Most public libraries lend ebooks using a practice called One Copy, One User (OCOU). This is just like lending a physical book, in that the library purchases a copy of the ebook, and once a reader checks it out, it has to be returned before another reader can get their hands on it.  Which means that unlike a traditional sales channel (such as Kobo or Apple Books), only one reader can discover your book at a time, you only make one sale.”

As Draft2Digital expands and improves its library distribution, they are adding a new option that can help more readers discover your work: Cost Per Checkout (CPC).

“CPC allows libraries to have access to the same title for more than one user. Instead of a fixed price, libraries gain access to your books and pay 1/10 of the book’s full purchase price, each time it is loaned out. Unlike OCOU, where only one reader can check your book out at a time and libraries may only purchase a single copy of your book, CPC allows for unlimited checkouts that are paid per use—which can add up quickly!  This allows libraries to take risks on which books to include in their system, increasing the chances of a reader discovering your work, and increasing your revenue opportunities!”

CPC and OCOU are both enabled by default for library distribution channels, and you are automatically receiving the benefits of both. 
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