Sunday, December 8, 2013

SEO and Content Marketing

As 80 % of consumers search online for a product before purchasing it, the goal of content marketers is to find a way to make it more discover-able in top search engine results.

In a great article by Lauren Mobertz  "SEO Experts Reveal the Future of Marketing" it is demonstrated how Content Marketing changes SEO.  "On the topic of how content marketing has changed SEO, experts suggested that it's more important now than ever to create content people need rather than creating content just for content's sake. Now marketers will have to determine which audiences are most important to target and what exactly those audiences want to see online."
. 9 SEO Experts on the Future of Marketing #infographic - An Infographic from Pardot
Embedded from Pardot

Businesses need to understand how search algorithms work to make their content perform on Google's Search Engine.   How this is done in an easy way is the topic of our next blog post.

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