Monday, February 22, 2016

SlideShares: How to Navigate Goodreads' Pages

Authors often complain that it is difficult to navigate Goodreads' website where over 40 Million! readers are converging on the search for the next great book.  However, when I ask them, if they clicked on each of the links on Goodreads pages or if they went to the FAQ sections and checked out the topics and answers there, I get this blank stare ...

Goodreads helps not only authors to be discovered by potential customers, including links to their sales pages, but is also a valuable source of information, contacts and possibilities to promote books.
Just a few examples:

- FREE event announcements
- Book Giveaways
- Book Reviewer contacts
- Communities for all book categories (25,000+)
- Book recommendations

Slideshares Help to Navigate Goodreads.
To learn more about how to create your professional Author profile, everything about the author dashboard and widgets on Goodreads, check out this useful feature on their side.

How Authors Can Promote their Books on Goodreads.
One of the SlideShare presentation details how authors can use Goodreads to reach their target audience: passionate readers. It includes several case studies of successful giveaways, ad campaigns, author discussion groups, and more.

Just go to: and learn how to make the most out of your Goodreads presence!  


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