Sunday, December 31, 2017

What Makes Images Successful on the Internet?

Photo Diego Hernandez

In our recently-published book:
111 Tips to Make Money With Writing: The Art of Making a Living Full-time Writing

we included lots of tips how to sell images to photo sites on the internet as an additional income stream, and how to copyright these images.  Dozens of links to online sales portals and other useful sites have been added to this book chapter.  Here is explained how to choose the subject of your stock photos:

Take Attractive Stock Photos
Amateur photographers tend to photograph only what draws their attention, and they do it the way they like it. Advanced amateurs make a step forward by applying common artistic composition techniques to their photography. Stock photographers take photos consciously. Taking better stock photos means paying special attention to various sell factors.

Most important: your photo need to have a good subject. Stock photos should show some concept. A stock photo of an orange doesn't show "an orange". It shows "diet", "healthy eating" and such things. A stock photo of an oil refinery doesn't show "an oil refinery". It shows "industry", or “environmental pollution", etc.

When you have a perfect subject you need to take care of various technical factors. Rich vivid colors and good contrast; sufficient free space for advertising text; good lighting and color balance; clean uncluttered background are all important elements that need to be taken into account.

When photographing people, optimistic pictures sell better than neutral or pessimistic - so take pictures of happy smiling people. Light pictures sell better than dark.  No distracting elements such as too colorful clothes or bright objects which are not relevant to the subject.
What Sells Best?
What subjects sell well and make sellable photos. Evaluate market bestsellers. Keep checking top selling microstock photos, for example at Dreamstime, Shutterstock,   iStockphoto, Fotolia etc. 
If your main subject is too different from these examples, find best selling photos of your subject and analyze what makes them bestsellers. For instance, if flowers are your favorite subject, search on stocks for word "flower" and sort the result by the number of downloads.  Then compare these best selling pictures of flowers with your own ones.

Find your most successful pictures, understand what makes them successful, and continue working in that direction. 


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