Thursday, September 20, 2018

Cannabis in Canada Legal Oct 17

On October 17, 2018, recreational Cannabis will be legal in all the provinces of Canada.  Which province has the most stores and how well are they prepared for the countdown?

Canadian Provinces
While traveling through the province of New Brunswick in the Maritimes I saw lots of new stores with the "Cannabis NB" sign.  All 20 locations are expected are stocked and staffed across New Brunswick, having already shown off one of the government’s completed cannabis stores in mid-June.

Nova Scotia: The government-owned Nova Scotia Liquor (NSLC) Commission will be the physical cannabis retailer as of legalization day. Eleven NSLC locations across the province will offer about 150 different cannabis products in separate stores within existing alcohol retailers.

Prince Edward Island: Canada’s smallest province will have four government-owned cannabis stores. Locations in Charlottetown, Summerside, Montague and the West Prince region.

New Foundland & Labrador: Canada’s easternmost province will have 24 private retail cannabis locations.  Some smaller businesses made the cut – Tobin’s Convenience in Labrador City, for example – but the majority will be owned and operated by large corporations, such as Loblaws.

Quebec: The plan is to open 20 storefronts “gradually” once legalization takes effect. But so far, the SQDC has only announced 14 locations, with half of them in either Montreal or Quebec City.

Ontario: The OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store) will launch an online-only format as of Oct. 17 - while private businesses will handle all bricks-and-mortar cannabis operations - locations or how many will be allowed to open have not yet been released.

Manitoba: Around 30 cannabis stores stocked and staffed across Manitoba in time for legalization.  The overall goal is to have 90% of provincial residents living within a 30-minute drive of a cannabis store by the end of the decade.

Saskatchewan: 51 draw-winning cannabis retailers (out of 1,500 applications) have been given the approval to open storefronts as of Oct. 17.

Alberta: The AGLCC estimates at least 150 stores will be licensed, stocked and staff by mid-October. More cannabis stores will be in Alberta than in the rest of Canada combined.

British Columbia: An official plan calls for a mix of both privately-owned stores and government-run locations under the “BC Cannabis Stores” banner, but neither appears to have made much progress. Well, I guess there are so many previously opened illegal cannabis operations, so BC inhabitants might not be too excited about the legalization : )
Somewhat similar to Quebec.

Northern Territories: Not even a dozen stores, some government run, some private are in the Yukon and NWT to cater to patrons. Nunavut will be delivered by online stores.


College Education in Cannabis Growing Operations
Niagara's College's new cannabis program: On the first day of school, the prof had not only students huddled around him, but also reporters and cameras.
These "pot school" offers intensive hands-on training in growing pot with classes which focus on topics like plant nutrition, climate control, pest control, and plant selection. There are also courses about the regulations governing cannabis in Canada.  The program ends with a field placement for students at a cannabis producer in the region.

"Over 300 people applied for 24 spots in Niagara College's program, making entry to the pot school very competitive. The two dozen students in the first cannabis class range in age from 21 to 54 and several of them left full-time jobs for the opportunity" reports CBC News.

Even a 
Ph.D. in pot Production...
“The University of Guelph in Ontario has already produced a student believed to have completed North America's first Ph.D. in pot production.”

Read all about Cannabis in Canada on this government website.

It is illegal to take cannabis across Canada's international borders - aka the USA. You could be subject to criminal charges if you try to travel to other countries with any amount of cannabis in your possession.  Don’t forget: Cannabis is still illegal in most jurisdictions…


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