Thursday, July 1, 2021

Guest Author Feature – D.G. Kaye interviewed me for her blog


111 Tips to get Free Book Reviews

I am thrilled to introduce you all to Doris Heilmann, author, and publisher at 111 Publishing.  Doris is the ‘woman behind the curtain’ at 

Many of you who like to stay current with what’s happening in the publishing world may be familiar with Doris and her most informative website. 

She contributes a myriad of articles on current events in marketing for authors.  
Doris is a freelance writer, writing coach, and also author of several books on book marketing. 

I recently wrote a book review on another book of hers, a most informative guide for writers, Book Marketing on a Shoestring, and today we’re going to get to know a little more about Doris and her latest book, 111 Tips to get Free Book Reviews, as well as learn more about Amazon and reading and writing reviews.

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Books by Doris-Maria Heilmann:

To the TOP

Smart Free Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed




Audiobooks for Success

Valuable guide book for authors, audiobook publishers, narrators, voice-over artists, and audiobook listeners. Learn how to create, produce, publish, and market your audiobooks.

111 Tips to Create Impressive Videos
How to Plan, Create, Upload and Market Videos

111 Tips To Make (More) Money With Writing
The Art of Making a Living Full-time Writing -
An Essential Guide for More Income as Freelancer

111 Tips on How to Market Your Book for Free
Detailed Plans and Smart Strategies for Your Book’s Success

111 Tips to Get Free Book Reviews
Best Strategies for Getting Lots of Great Reviews
plus 1,200+ reviewer contact links

111 Tips to Create Your Book Trailer
How to Create, Where to Upload, and How to Market Your Videos

Book Marketing on a Shoestring
How Authors Can Promote their Books 

Without Spending a Lot of Money

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Books by Doris Daily:


Memoirs of an Executive Pilot


To Live is to Fly


Piloten Ausbildung, Jobsuche und Berufsalltag

(in deutscher Sprache - print & ebook)


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