Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Finally, Amazon Improves Book Descriptions



AMAZON improves book descriptions. Who would have thought they will ever get around to do something for their suppliers (aka authors)? Here is the ‘breaking news’…

Bring your book descriptions to the next level:  Amazon's new text editor provides options for formatting your book description and previewing it before publishing.

You can now bold, italicize, underline, create numbered and bulleted lists, and add heading styles to make your book description even more compelling for readers.  The new editor can be found on the book details page in your title setup.

A+ Content lets you add images, text, and tables to your detail page to help you to drive conversions. Readers have all they need in one place to make a buying decision. Increase sales. Improve performance of ads, deals, and promotions with more visually engaging detail pages.

Build a customer base. Encourage repeat purchases by sharing more about you and your books.

Upgrade your detail pages with a new book description or A+ Content!  Yes, authors have to sit down and rewrite their book descriptions for all their books on Amazon. 

It's about time that Amazon got their act together and offers a professional code! What they offered in the last decades was sub-standard from the '80s or even older.


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