Saturday, February 12, 2022


 After receiving dozens of messages and even emails like this below, I am demanding @LinkedIn to safeguard female members from this type of approach. Here is what I had to write to LinkedIn:

Hello, I am furious about these types of emails or messages I receive - and I want you to STOP IMMEDIATELY TO GIVE OR SELL MY EMAIL ADDRESS TO ANYONE !!!

See a sample of one of the emails I receive below.  Should this not stop I will report LinkedIn to the authorities and also to any and all media outlets !!!

I reported this kind of behavior of some male members already, and there were posts of other female members, complaining about this issue.  Nothing happens so far on LinkedIn's site...

As LinkedIn is responsible for the safety of its members - TAKE ACTION !!!
I am sure, these people are sending emails like this to many other female members.

Best regards,  Doris 

David Campbell <>

Wed, Feb 9, 4:18 PM (3 days ago)

to me

Hello there, Thanks for accepting my request on LinkedIn. I was actually searching for an acquaintance when I came across your profile picture on LinkedIn. You have such an interesting profile picture on Linkedin and it caught my attention.I must confess you are pretty and this is me being honest and not just mere flattery. I hope no offence is taken, I understand Linkedin is a business networking and not a dating website. It will be nice to get to know each other and perhaps, become friends if only you are single and interested in communicating more and sharing more about me with you. I do believe everything is possible if we put our mind and heart together just like I believe that good things can be found in the least places. I will wait for your response.




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