Monday, June 20, 2022

Contacting Airlines, Hotels Through Twitter?

Air Canada never answered my letters and emails... Only when I wrote an open letter in one of my travel blogs, voicing three really serious complaints, and posting the link on Twitter, did they react to my DM (direct message).  I was surprised when the communication suddenly came into full swing, and soon I received my money for canceled flights back, as well as a voucher for another issue - but never an apology.

My experience was second by an article at The Points Guy where they wrote:

The 2009 viral YouTube video “United Breaks Guitars,” based on a musician’s bad customer service experience, became a case study on the power a single customer’s post can have. These days customers experience 

"Staffing shortages, overbookings, and high prices are causing frustration for both travelers and travel industry workers.  Customers calling traditional phone help lines are facing sometimes hours-long wait times before being able to interact with a live human — and even then may not get the results they want."

It’s not unusual for those with unresolved frustrations with travel companies to air those grievances on social media.  However, what has sometimes been an outlet for rage has also evolved into a platform for productive interaction, where travelers and customer service representatives use Twitter and Facebook as the venue to actually make rebookings, request cancellations, and more.

Read the article with strategies for customer service over social media, with some background information and a list of airlines and hotels you can reach via social media here




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