Thursday, November 26, 2015

Treasury of Bizarre Christmas Stories

Fiza’s first compilation of short stories makes her come across as a sort of modern day neo-mystic.  Through the 22 stories in the book, the author communicates to us lessons in faith in a way that will appeal to both adults and children alike.  The language is simple and lucid, yet enticing and appealing at the same time.” Reviewer for ‘The Examiner’
This collection brings together, a variety of bizarre Christmas stories never heard before. From creepy dark catacombs to a haunted winter wonderland, this treasury brings with it, a mystical side to Christmas and the birth of a legendary baby. Whether deep in a forest of India or back in time, in Bethlehem, ‘Treasury Of Bizarre Christmas Stories’ brings to its readers the holy, the Almighty, the haunted, the obsession, the innocent, the magical and the reason to celebrate.

About the Author:Fiza Pathan holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and Sociology. She is a qualified teacher having also a Bachelor’s degree in Education, her special subjects being History and English.  Fiza is an avid reader of books of all genres and writes short stories and articles. Don’t miss to read Fiza’s blog regularly:

More Books by the Author:
Fiza Pathan is also the author of ‘S.O.S. Animals And Other Stories‘ and ‘Classics: Why we should encourage children to read them‘, as well as the sequel: 'Classics: HOW we can encourage children to read them' which is available as a paperback edition and various digital formats on Amazon and other platforms.  Her latest two books are women's fiction - even so they describe the 
grim realities that women are facing in India: NIRMALA: The Mud Blossom and Amina: The Silent One.
Discover more on Fiza Pathan's Amazon page and see the long list of Fiza Pathan’s book awards

Treasury of Bizarre Christmas Stories is available:


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