Tuesday, December 1, 2015

2015 CYBER WEEK DEAL for your own BOOK

Cyber Week Deal


CYBER WEEK DEAL: Just $39 (instead of $79) for your own BOOKS'
Advertising and Social Media Promotion,
including your reduced or KDP FREE e-book campaigns.

*** SAVE $40 ***
IMPORTANT: You need to have at least 3 REVIEWS! 
So, new books will get the same chances as established ones! 

Your Benefit for 3 months and beyond: - Introduction of your book
(1 page, incl. links) on 4 websites (stays there forever!)

  • Posting of your book article (incl. URL) on all our Social Media sites 
  • Sales campaigns & KDP FREE days are promoted 10x/day 
  • Your book will be on the front page for at least one week.
SIGN UP NOW to take advantage of this CYBER WEEK DEAL 
***Price is just $39 and only during Cyber Week 2015***
We have almost 1 Million Readers so far on our SavvyBookWriter blogs:
SavvyBookWriters' ranking is in the top 5% of American websites.

But your book will not only be shown there,
but introduced and promoted on three more websites! 


Your Book will be Promoted to our 60,000+ Social Media Followers. 
All these pages are connected with each other, which means your book and it's cover 
will show up on dozens of places and can be seen by millions on the internet.

***Price is just $39 and only during Cyber Week***

Click here to order:
You will receive a confirmation from PayPal and we will send you a question form 
within 48 hrs with questions we need to create your book's article. 

Get a great head start for this holiday season!


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