Monday, January 25, 2016

Google donates 25,000 Chromebooks for War Refugees


It might be the largest donation so far: US$ 5.3 Million for the 1,1 Million war refugees (infants, children, parents and single teens):  It’s called the “Project Connect” - set up four months after Google pledged to match $5.5 million in donations to help with the refugee crisis.  “As they make it through a dangerous journey, the first thing refugees need is to find shelter, food and access to care.” 

Chromebooks are generally low-cost laptops that use apps running in the cloud, meaning they require Internet connectivity for most of their functions.

. wrote: “Millions of people have been fleeing countries across the Middle East and Africa in the past year, and Germany has been the most welcoming host country, with more than one million migrants registered in 2015 alone.  And this is why Google and NetHope — an organization specializing in connecting nonprofits with technology — are focusing specifically on Germany with this latest initiative.”

“Preference will be given to “applications that demonstrate the impact that Chromebooks with Internet access will have in providing direct assistance to refugees, and facilitating access to critical programs and resources,” said NetHope.

Many municipalities and organizations work hard to have Internet installed, so that refugees don’t need to use libraries, coffee shops and other places anymore.  It will help refugees to access education, information, and contact with their families. 


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