Saturday, January 9, 2016

Meet Tamara Jackson: Author, Fitness & Weight-Loss Coach


You might have seen Tamara Jackson on the Dr. Oz TV show, where she shared her heart-wrenching journey from 265 lb. junk food addict to 155 lb. fitness fanatic.  In her book 265 Point, Tamara Jackson, in the meantime a "Certified Group Exercise Instructor" through the American College of Sports Medicine, shows readers they can do it too.
265 Point
reveals some touching moments where Jackson endured ridicule and prejudice at her high weight of 265 pounds. 


Often the Family is the Problem.
Tamara also shares the emotional and environmental challenges often faced in the quest to develop a healthier lifestyle. Women are sometimes sabotaged by their own family and friends who derail their weight loss efforts and criticize their healthier menus. Fueled by a new-found passion for health and fitness, Tamara delivers a realistic plan to reach a healthy weight including a practical food plan and doable exercise regimen.


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A powerful and dynamic seminar leader, public speaker, media health expert and motivational fitness consultant, her website. invites women worldwide to work one-on-one or in groups to make a final decision to a healthier future.  265 Point, a great guidebook for women who want to be fit, healthy and happy, is available in digital format and in print.on Amazon. 


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