Monday, March 5, 2018

Writing on LinkedIn for More Exposure

Founder and CMO, Social Marketing Solutions 
wrote a very useful article on that the LinkedIn Editors recently changed their Twitter handle.  
They changed it from @LinkedInPulse to: tip @LinkedInEditors.
However, they forgot to let LinkedIn members know about their new Twitter handle. 
John White explained:

"In the past, writers would compose a tweet for their post and then include the words "tip @LinkedInPulse." The editors wrote a post in the official Writing on LinkedIn group explaining the process. Mentioning their Twitter handle triggers a notification of your tweet to the editors on LinkedIn via their Twitter account and alerts them to your post. I didn't see any announcement from them, and I searched all over. It seems that LinkedIn's Editors just changed their Twitter handle one day and didn't tell anyone.  Many LinkedIn writers still tweeting their posts to the old Twitter handle not knowing that there is nobody on the other end.  If you want to increase the likelihood of a LinkedIn editor seeing your posts, make sure to tweet them to "tip @LinkedInEditors" (make sure to put a single space between the word  tip and @LinkedInEditors)."
Thanks, Mr. White


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