Sunday, August 31, 2014

3 Fantastic Ways to Get More Exposure for FREE


Like to sell more books?  Get more people to know you and your writing!  Your first step is to get more traffic on your website and your blog.  How can you achieve this? In “seeding” links to your sites that will grow in months and years to come and ultimately result in more book sales.  All good things come in threes:
Blog Commenting and Comments in Forums
Your time investment each week on blog commenting? About 5 – 10 minutes per post, per day. Comment on writing-related web sites, that receive excellent traffic.  What’s also attractive about this is, that as long as the posts are online, readers who see your comments will always have the option to link back to your site. 
Make sure when commenting that you always have something specific to say about the post. NEVER just spam a blog’s comment area with “Great post!” Or “Right on!” That will lead others to think you’re a spammer. Also, make sure that after you write your comment, re-read it and ensure there are no typos. After all, you’re a highly-respected writer now. 

Article Marketing
When writers submit articles to a directory or eZines that are visited by webmasters in order to find free content for their sites, it will account for roughly 20% of new traffic on your blog or website.  When webmasters like your articles and publish one or more on their websites, your byline, a blurb about you, your company and a link to your website is always included. This is called a back link and it will then appear on these sites indefinitely.  Most times, for several years. So years from now, that article that took you two hours to write will still bring you new traffic!
Guest Blogging
Find highly trafficked sites in your niche that you respect and would like to write for.  If they take guest bloggers, read their guidelines and study the type of content that they publish.  Be aware that these sites only accept original content.  As these sites have such large followings, it’s going to be well worth your time.  Find out:

  • What articles do they prefer?
  • What writing style?
  • What is the typical length of their posts?
  • Which types of posts seem to get the most comments?
  • Which ones are shared via social media

As with article marketing, your guest posts are including a back link to your site and will be available for years to come.  Some blogs receive 1,000,000 page views per month. Let’s pretend, only 5% of this audience reads your post and clicks through to your web page or blog. That’s 50,000 targeted visitors who can find your book!


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