Sunday, August 3, 2014

Marketing Lessons from Magazines



Michelle Hill, marketing manager at Red Rocket Media wrote a great post at the Guardian what companies can learn from Magazines:

Magazine teams consist of editors and professional journalists so if you're thinking of expanding your team, consider employing someone with these skills instead of another marketing assistant. Why?

They are trained to write in a commercially neutral manner – this type of content gets shared much more than self-promotional content. Other reasons are

  • knowledgeable about media law, copyright, use of images
  • strict about editorial reviews & quality writing
  • highly skilled in creating stories for your brand

Other Similarities to Magazines:
  • Create an Editorial Calendar
  • Being careful about the publishing content 
  • Interviews bring a personal element to content stories
  • Content needs to increase brand awareness, Google rankings, and Social Media engagement 
  • Don't talk about yourself:  You'll never find an article in a magazine talking about how great they think they are or why you should buy their magazine. 

Read the whole article here. 


More Content Marketing Tips

  • Customers are now spending up to 75% of the buying cycle researching online before they choose where to purchase.  A priority should be to publish highly valuable content that educates them - and to be visible on the Internet.
  • Content marketing is more cost effective than advertising to attract a large audience at the top of the sales funnel - and professional staff helps you to reach that point.
  • Make your content super-useful and they’ll share it with their friends and colleagues.  Most of all, people love to share stories so make sure your content takes the reader on a journey...


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