Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to Run Your Website / Blog Like a Pro

Dealing with Website or Blog Issues? I Found the Perfect Help
It started out with my struggle to place buttons for all the page sections of our blog Content-on Demand. For days I searched the internet, trying to find instructions, as the blogging platform we use was not very helpful with instructions, nor are their forums.  My basic HTML knowledge didn't enable me to work effectively on the Blogspot platform.  And I must admit, I am not very patient, and would rather write ten articles than to deal with one web problem. Well not real problems for a specialist, but for me.

I turned to where I found help in the past, for example to have our Facebook account unlocked or to have someone creating us a database. Looking for advice or hands-on work with Blogger (Blogspot) platforms I found an amazing techie who helped me with a dozen of issues on the websites and blogs that we run: Denis at Fiverr

Among many other tasks Denis helps also with these tasks:

  • set up Follow Buttons
  • repaired broken Sharing Buttons
  • set up the blog archive
  • created the page buttons on blogs
  • improved and corrected image size
  • helped us to get rid of spam comment-ers
  • corrected the layout of website / blog
  • placed a Google+ batch - which resulted in many more followers since implementing!

The list goes on and on... and best of all:  each of these tasks were only $5.  However, we often add a tip to this amount to show our appreciation for his fast and pleasant service.
Denis at offers a lot more:

  • installing of advanced templates on Blogger and WordPress
  • Creation of logos with graphical design
  • Installing life stream hangout on blogs
  • All kind of HTML / CSS coding and basic Java Script
  • Installing Facebook comments to your blog


You have found something interesting on someone else website and you would like to have that on your blog/website but you don't know how?  Ask him, chances are good he can implement it on your site too.  It was amazing how fast and professional Denis helped us to improve the overall design of the websites / blogs and gave me professional advice how we could improve a couple of things on our sites (for example SEO).
Placing sharing buttons, Social Media following buttons, Google+ batches or new page sections on websites or blogs seem to be daunting tasks for non-techies. Sure, there are forums where many questions might be answered - if one has the time and patience to crawl through hundreds of web pages to find the right answer to their problem. And then to implement it, when a month ago the platform changed its design or code ...  The advice given at forums is free, but often out-dated.  Much faster and more economical is it to get some inexpensive help with the custom-creation of your blog or website at Fiverr.  For just $5 experts can help to solve problems that overwhelm the average computer user.  Give it a try!


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