Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How Can You List Your Book Worldwide

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An important question for any self-publisher is:  How can readers, bookstores or librarians in Japan, Australia, UK or Belize find your book and read, buy or lend it?
Few authors have ever heard about BowkerLink:  a source for publishers and distributors seeking to update or add to title listings, found in Books In Print, Global Books In Print, and the Publisher Authority Database.
   Books In Print helps book retailers or librarians to search the market place, find the right titles, and explore all known format options, including eBook sources. 

Free Listing of Your Book 
This  FREE portal allows you to market titles through Bowker products to many sectors of the book industry including wholesalers, distributors, retail chains, independent retailers, online retailers, schools, libraries, and universities.  You may know Bowker from ordering your ISBN numbers, but they are also the provider for Books In Print and Global Books In Print that contain listings of bibliographical information for international book titles available in the USA or any other part of the world.   

In addition, Bowker sells its products worldwide to retailers and libraries, so your titles are exposed to many facets of the book industry through a single web application including other Bowker products like inventory status checks, library catalogue information, and sales data reporting services. Your data is circulated to all of these customers free of charge. To market you book successfully worldwide you need to have it listed worldwide!
Their website is: http://www.bowker.com/en-US/products/servtitlesub_default.shtml 


Setting Up A New Book on Bowkerlink is easy, just fill in: 
Translated title 
Number of pages 
Number of illustrations 
Binding type 
Subject (1 or 2) 
Contributors names and functions 
Width and Height 
Year of copyright 
Year of original publication 
Library of Congress Card Number 
Annotation (description) 
Country of Sale 
Publication date 
Price type 
Target market 
Age range of the readers 

(Items in bold are required, the others optional.)
You should try to fill as many of these fields as possible, as completely as possible, in order to be found easily.

Why register with BowkerLink? 

Listing your titles is absolutely free. The BowkerLink Publisher Access System allows you to announce your new release titles, as well as price and status updates to a wide audience of book, audio and video buyers. Your titles are WORLDWIDE exposed to many facets of the book industry through this single web application. 


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