Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Girl With the Scar - SF by William Stadler


Fantasy and Science Fiction William Stadler’s new series THE GIRL WITH THE SCAR.  Book one is the perfect start into the Dark Connection Saga Series, and a great read on 263 pages. If you liked his first three books of the Pioneer Series:  EXTRACTED, INFUSED and REFINED, you will love THE GIRL WITH THE SCAR too.

“Burned by fate…inflamed with destiny.”
Genevieve Solace, a sheltered 15 year-old girl, lives with her wearied mother, Maria, and her cavalier brother, Edward. All her life she’s been plagued by inexplicable seizures that only seem to be getting worse, seizures so violent that she’s left unconscious for days at a time. 
The king’s Raiders have been hunting her for as long as she can remember. So, in search for safety, she and her family have found refuge in a modest cottage on the outskirts of Kalarn in a small village known as Green Planes.
News of the raids across the kingdom trickle down to Genevieve, however, telling stories of vicious murders where women are slain, children are orphaned, and entire towns have been leveled to ashes. Along with the slaughters, a mysterious apparition has been rumored to haunt the land with tales of dozens of men being massacred before they can even draw their swords.
Terrified of the reports, Genevieve is forced to believe that the king seeks for her due to the scar on the nape of her neck, a circular burn that has marked her for life – though how it came to be she doesn’t know, and her mother refuses to speak of it.
As autumn ends and the cold of winter sets in, Genevieve fears that the raids are growing near. She can only pray to the gods that the Raiders will never find her.

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and the latest in the Series: Bound by Blood.
The heart must be broken to reveal the soul... 
The Dark Queen is dying, poisoned by the venomous Deathwalkers from the Black Lands. And with Menja outwitting Stasis by turning the power of the Vestige to herself, Stasis will stop at nothing to regain the upper hand.  Under the threat of Edward's death, Eva and her Raider-turned-informant friend Ian navigate from central to eastern Kalarn in search for Menja and the queen. Desperate to find a cure to the queen's sickness and uncover Menja's whereabouts, Eva and Ian must face a challenge that will forever alter the fate of Kalarn.




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