Friday, December 19, 2014

Tips and Tricks When Ordering from Amazon


I just ordered this little digital camera for only $79 (CDN$89) - and saved $40 - at Amazon. My NIKON had to go to "maintenance".   When I later read my order confirmation, I saw a $3.90 delivery charge, even as it showed "FREE delivery". Bummer, my fault: I had forgotten to tag "FREE delivery" and had to spend 32 minutes on the "helpline" to solve this.

However, mostly because I had dialed first their US line, and then, when they could not verify my order number, I realized the wrong country. I have two accounts, one in the US and one in Canada.  OK... "one of these days"...  
As Amazon doesn't put their phone numbers on the website, in case you need to call them about an order, here they are:

AMAZON  Retail Helpline #   
1-866-216-1072  ONLY USA   
1-877-586-3230     CANADA

Here Are Some Tips For Amazon Shopping:

When you click on Today’s Deals landing page, you will find the Best Deals section loaded with bargains in every category, and the Lightning Deals section with current sales, which are lasting only four hours or until the item is sold out.
Items that are both sold and shipped by Amazon will be tagged as eligible for Super Saver Shipping and is available only for orders over $35 or more.
Not all of the prices are the lowest available anywhere, especially if the seller is a third-party store. Compare the Amazon price with prices on other websites by using a site like PriceGrabber or DealNews.

Consider Amazon Prime
The $99/year service gives you free 2-(business)day shipping on much of Amazon's own products, and also includes access to a great library of streaming movies (and ebooks once a month), among other perks.



Third-Party Sellers:
Amazon is not the only retailer on their site, just as on eBay, there are other online retailers offering their wares on Amazon’s web page.  Check who is selling and who is shipping the item you want. An item may be shipped by Amazon on behalf of another seller with a returns or exchange policy that is different from Amazon’s.  Check out a seller's feedback rating before buying. If it has very few reviews or a satisfaction rating less than 90%, you may 

If you find an item at Amazon and you’re hoping the price will fall later, consider BuyLater. It’s an extension for Firefox, Chrome and Safari web browsers that adds a Buy This Later button to Amazon pages and, after you click it, sends you an email when the price changes.

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