Saturday, June 20, 2020

13 Tools to Upgrade Your Writing

Trying to keep track of grammar, spelling, duplicates, and other errors can be exhausting when you pre-edit your manuscript.  Here are thirteen tools you can use to improve your writing.


Grammarly is arguably the best grammar tool available online.  This tool typically corrects up to 10 times more mistakes than a regular word processor.  Aside from this, Grammarly also checks for plagiarism and other types of errors that may be embedded in your writing. Many high school and college students use the tool to check their essays and term papers for originality. Most importantly, you can access Grammarly without paying a dime.


AutoCrit is targeted mainly towards fiction writers. This tool scans and analyzes every part of your write-up that needs attention. After analyzing, it then suggests ways by which the write-up can be improved in terms of pacing, word choice, dialogue, repetition, momentum and much more. It also gives you a choice to accept or reject a suggestion. You can subscribe to AutoCrit for as little as $5 per month.


SpellChecker specifically allows you to find spelling errors in your content. This tool also comes along with a free grammar checker tool, which allows you to check and correct grammatical errors.
Be aware: even using these tools nothing can replace human intelligence. You will still need the input of a professional editor.

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