Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Why Not Pitch “How-to” Articles to Magazines?

Pitch Your Knowledge and “How-to” Articles to Newspapers and Magazines!
Consider offering the content you have already written to re-write somewhat and propose them to trade magazines in your profession. What would be the benefit?
At least you can place a link to your website - which means: it is free marketing for your brand name and your company - and it is often paid! And it shows readers you are a knowledgeable, trustworthy person.

However, carefully prepare the pitch - only after reading the last year’s magazine issues. You certainly don’t need to read line for line.  Just browse the headlines and the first paragraphs to find out if a similar topic has been previously published.  Moreover, it also helps to learn about the magazine’s writing style.
Don’t overlook daily or weekly newspapers (even the free ones) with a wide variety of topics you could contribute as a professional.  Remember the tradesman Mike Holmes’ articles and books?  He is not the only one who writes useful articles for newspapers.  The topics could include, for example: how to deal with construction companies and building professionals, from tradespeople to garden designers, and how to tackle indoor renovation problems.  Reading the Ottawa Citizen Newspaper, or any other daily paper, you can find articles not only by tradespeople but also by nursery specialists, interior designers, pet trainers, or health professionals.
A realtor could write articles for house owners who like to sell their property on how to stage it.  A gardener or landscaper could write about the best plants for a shade garden or which spring bulbs are avoided by squirrels.  Several lawyers are publishing since years legal articles that can be found in travel, writer, or trade magazines, just to name a few. The same is true for IT specialists.  They could write for any kind of newspaper or magazine and provide valuable advice for anyone who struggles with hard/software and web-related issues. For inflight airline magazines, they could write about how travelers can protect their equipment or how to use devices to get stronger internet signals in hotels or remote areas. 
Do you know the number of AARP members (American Association of Retired People) or the publication numbers of the AAA, the American Automobile Association?  They have the highest readerships in the United States!  Browse their magazines and find out if there is any topic you could write about and offer them (with a link to your website).  Study carefully the masthead for the names of editors (to use when pitching) and the submission guidelines for freelancers in order to avoid any mistakes. 
In fact, there is almost no profession that cannot give advice to readers - and at the same time show your business’ name (and website link) to potential clients.  Additionally, you might often be paid for the article by the publishing house. 



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