Saturday, June 13, 2020

How to Become an Influencer with Live-Streaming

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Does your company belong to the skilled craft and trades? Such as cabinet maker, hairdresser or pastry chef? In one sentence: are you creating or designing something? Then your business is perfect to lifestream your working day and shows viewers your skills and craftsmanship. This way they will even more appreciate your products or services - and you can earn additional funds. 

One of the emerging mediums of connecting with social media users is live streaming. It enables businesses to stream video footage and receives real-time feedback from followers. 
Businesses can increase their perceived trustworthiness by using live streaming - which leads to greater influence across the social sphere and better conversions when promoting a product.
Skilled business professionals understand that they must remain in frequent contact with their followers and are constantly looking for new ways to improve that connection.
For companies, this results in undreamt-of access to special circles.  Agencies such as WeHype or HashtagLove help them to find suitable live streamers.  Christina Walden, a live streamer receives a fixed salary from a cooperation partner.  Another one, a farmer who life-streams his whole working day, gets advertising fees.  Currently, he cooperates with two manufacturers of computer and gaming accessories, whose logos, stuck to the tractor, are almost universally visible in the stream.  A two-week promotion campaign in which he advertised a product in the stream including a discount code for the viewers recently earned him 1,000 Euros.
Where the live-streaming trend can go is shown in China.  It became already part of the daily business of traders to advertise their products via live stream apps and also sell them directly (think TV-shopping).  There are also companies that send ambassadors on the air around the clock.  They then entertain non-stop with live content marketing.

A great way to build up a large audience of followers! Don’t forget: 80% of people would rather watch live-streamed content than read an article or blog post.

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