Friday, October 3, 2014

Is Business Travel Worth the Effort?

Everyone wants to travel for pleasure.  However a “business travel budget” is often seen more as a luxury than a necessity.  Everyone nowadays uses Skype and other video calling platforms to make international business easier, but traveling to meet with business partners and suppliers, or to attend fairs and conferences will save you money and improve your profitability. 
Surveys with Executives Show:
  • 42% of customers would be lost without in-person meetings
  • 60% of frequent travelers believe more travel would increase company profitability
  • 78% say conferences provide a high impact on gaining industry insights
  • 76% of the respondents believe it’s crucial for developing industry partnership
Great Opportunities
Business Travel provides entrepreneurs many potential growth opportunities:  Statistics show that $9.50 is returned for every dollar spent on business travel!  When you become a real person and more than a voice or email address to the partner company, everyone becomes more helpful in wanting to make things work.

Trade Shows are Great for Learning and PR
Just walking the aisles as an attendee can be a great experience in seeing big budget marketing tactics and then seeing how you can adapt them for your own business.  An inexpensive day pass is often all you need to purchase.
If you are looking for free public relation you can also meet the attending media by asking the exhibition organizers for a list of reporters who have pre-registered for the event.

Your Employees Need to Learn Working Without You
  • Who responds first to a specific customer or client?
  • Who might need access to passwords or special software?
  • When do you need to be contacted?
  • What events or circumstances might be coming up that needs your input?
Returning to the office, access what worked well and how to prepare better for in the future.  Remember:  Things can also go wrong when you are in the office.  Don't let worries preventing you to make important contacts at business trips. 

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