Saturday, October 25, 2014

UPS May Charge More for Last-Minute on Christmas


UPS said it may charge customers more money for last-minute delivery. “If it [a late surge] creates challenges and adds costs we would charge a premium,” said Chief Financial Officer Kurt Kuehn to Reuters.  But that’s not all. “If it puts our service at risk, we would have to deny,” he added.

If you remember last year - or if you were one of those who did not get a Christmas gift - a surge in online orders left two million express packages back in storages on Christmas Eve. This year, the company is doing its best to avoid that delivery nightmare.

55,000 Additional Workers
To meet the expected demand for the 2014 holiday season, UPS invested $500 million for infrastructure upgrades, including hiring up to 95,000 seasonal employees to “support the anticipated holiday surge,” according to a recent press release, while in 2013 the company hired only 55,000 additional workers.

What's more: UPS tests a new service called UPS Access Point in Chicago and New York locations to speed delivery and lower costs.  With this new feature, neighborhood grocery stores and convenience stores act as pick-up locations for packages when someone isn’t home at the time of delivery. UPS hopes to have the service available in over 4,400 stores by the end of 2015.

What YOU Can Do:
Make everything better this year. Start shopping today for your Christmas Gifts.  Be smart:  the selection is larger, prices are lower and you have for sure more time (and fun) than in December.  Save yourself the hassle and maybe additional expenses of shopping two days before you want to present the gift. 




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